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I have just downloaded the Kakao Talk app ☺ You guys should like add me so we can discuss WHAT THE FRICK FRACK is going to happen with the JACKSON WANG story lol
Or if you just wanna talk we can do that too haha
Or if you want to let me know about something you saw in the KPOP world and wanna fangirl then I will fangirl with you too lol
My ID is xsandos17
If you find "Mari" that's me with my weird face
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Added. Mine is the same as my username here
2 years ago·Reply
My username is kpopotakuchan ^_^
2 years ago·Reply
Ok I FINALLY downloaded it, my user is staceyholley. Everybody feel free to add me and fangirl with me 💜
2 years ago·Reply
I'm going to add u.
2 years ago·Reply
added mine is VipLuvBlackJack (have had for like 4 years lol)
2 years ago·Reply