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In a recent article Fast Company, Mark Zuckerberg answered some in-depth question about the company and the future of Facebook. Along with a list of other executives, the company seems to be not only innovating online, but also innovating offline.

Here's what Facebook has in store...

The company aquired a number of others, including Oculus and Snapchat. You guessed what that mean, video video video.
They are also hoping to expand not just VIDEO, but virtual reality experiments.

They are investing in a future of how we consume media. Zuckerberg even enhanced Facebook labs to keep experimenting with this technology.

With this week's big announcement by Zuckerberg that he plans to donate 99% of his shares, the company is also pushing forward with that same vision... What's that vision you ask?


Essentially tilting the investments to charity. But also providing a better experience for Facebook users to donate and help with the issues they are already talking about.
Connecting the issue to the person.
Is it just me or does Facebook seem to be the next Google? Taking technology offline and into the real world is their next move. Let's see if they can pull it off.

And that's pretty cool in my book.

Friends, techies, and social media peeps what do you think about the next moves for this company?
that's cool that he is giving back @nicolejb but to what charity?
Lol. You can make VR out cardboard and your phone actually... @mchlyang!
@nicolejb Too expensive for me to give it a shot right now...maybe I'll start with the Google Cardboard!
I'm actually rarely on Facebook too, it's good they are investing in new technologies though @Krazypoet esp with their new charitable organization! Me too @ButterflyBlu I'm happy to see they are (hopefully) putting that money to good use! Haha oh man yeah @DaivonUnderwood it's just sort've like another source of data on you. I read somewhere that if you are on FB like the average user a day, you are making Facebook $1 in data...crazy right?!
It is interesting, they are big enough, might as well. Facebook as to move on because to be honest I don't even use it much anymore, they have to find ways to improve of course.
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