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Hello fairy tail fans! I've been seeing a lot of fairty tail ships lately, most of them debating NaLu or NaLi, and while I am a NaLu supporter I want to talk about a ship I have yet to hear about, wendy and doranbolt. I know some of you would prefer to ship Wendy with Romeo, but in my opinion she just doesn't have as much history with romeo as she does with doranbolt. *spoiler alert* if you have not caught up to the latest episodes I recommend you don't read this.
My opinion of doranbolt in the beggining was not very high. But he quickly changed my opinion. And I have to admit he made an awesome transformation from his dorky old self to who he is now.
Wendy is one of my favorite female roles in fairy tail. In the beggining she is this sweet innocent little girl who takes everyone by surprise by being a sky dragon slayer. And while she doesn't seem like the type to be very strong, she has proved that she is willing to put her life on the line to save her comrades.
Doranbolt who came in as Mest Grider was a mystery and stuck out right from the start. suddenly a character we had never seen is considered stong enough to become S class? something seemed a little fishy. he's was very strange and I wonder now if that was just part of his act or really him. when his identity was revealed my already low opinion of him dropped lower.
This scene changed my opinion of him. In the short time he had known wendy he had developed a friendship with her. And in the events that led up to the threat on her life, as well as her guilds, you can see the panic on his face. we see him again later as this ragedy unshaven guy who blames himself for what happened to Wendy, because as far as he knew she was dead. When he finds out later that she survived he is relieved.
You see him risk his life later to save her when she was prepared to die. I believe that those past events led him to have this loyaty or unspoken of duty to protect Wendy. Perhaps out of guilt. But I believe that the two of them have a relationship that can't be rivaled by romeo or anyone.
i can see this. sadly though as @hailleedonaby pointed out, because of the big age gap which is probably 10 years cause he was tje same age as natsu and he was 18 and wendy was 15. Mest is now about 25 ish so I see him them more like a father daughter pairing then lovers sadly, but hey some people are into the whole age gap difference lol
But I feel like in the Tartarus arc we finally see Wendy grow up and mest is there with her .@Thatperson512
I don't ship Wendy with anybody. Lol @hailleedonaby I've always thought they missed a good chance to have Wendy catch up in age to the rest of the group through the 7 year gap
Rather have this because Romeo is a rip off natsu and doesn't have a lot of charecter but I will not allow my waifu to be taken!
@desireesowah143 I have read some of the manga, but I haven't kept up with it. it just seems strange that she would remain 12 all that time. to much has happened. but I will still stick with what I said, I ship them regardless of what anyone says. you don't have to agree, thats fine with me. my goal is not to change your opinion, but to tell you about mine. if you don't agree then that's that.
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