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Lang Leav is a poet like no other. Simple, fluid, and heart wrenchingly beautiful, her words can strike the heart of anyone whose ever known love, lost love, or may have just found the one.
Love is an obsession. It infects your brain and makes one persons name become the very thing you breathe. And you are okay with that.
In an era where soul mates are swiped right and left during a boring part of a movie, Leav somehow finds a way to make accidental meetings significant again.
Nothing hurts more then bad timing. While it happens, Leav reminds us that it is okay to love the wrong person every once in a while; even if its for just a moment.
Giving your entire life, entire soul to someone and then having everything ripped away with no warning is like a bullet to the chest. It might not always show but it will always hurt...just a little.
This one just hurts with its accuracy.
short but with impact
That third one. Oh wow. <3 Love these... A lot!!
The last one hit me in the feels 😢
Thank you for sharing these, I will definitely look up this amazing poem