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Here's a fucking stupid quiz I made but oh well I'm new cx Here we go c: (Warning. Some questions will not be anime related) 1. Your friend is at your house. They want to watch a movie with you. They ask what movies are available. You say anime. Your friend says they don't like anime. What do you do? A. Give them a lecture about anime and why it's awesome. B. Ignore them. C. Just shrug and watch what they wanna watch. 2. You want to do a cosplay at a Comic Con but your friend thinks its stupid. What do you do? A. Convince them to come. B. Go without them. C. Not go at all. 3. You're reading a manga but your friend insists you read an actual book (um what's an actual book?). What do you do? A. Insist it is a book and convince them to read it too. B. Ignore them and keep reading. C. Read a different book. If you chose mostly A's, you're a true otaku! If you chose mostly B's, you're stubborn and insist anime is life! If you chose mostly C's, you don't show your anime side. Comment your result! I would like feedback but be kind :)
a's all the way through.... but wait! Otakus aren't supposed to have friends!!! What the hell is a friend anyway???
Mine was literally c.a.b. So...
@JacobWilson you are right. DUM DUN DUUN
a, b, a
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