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Finals week, aka Hell week for those college kids who are already in the Christmas break mid set. I mean really, who the hell wants to spend time in the library when there is eggnog to be chugged, ugly sweater parties to attend, or sleep to be had?
But, finals are a necessary evil and can actually be quite easy if you follow these helpful tips!

1. Plan out your paper writing!!

Everyone has at least one paper to write during finals. I double majored in English and Creative Writing so I would have 5 papers PLUS tests. Ugh, I do not miss that. And while I know everyone always says "don't wait till the last minute", I want to take it a step further. Actually write out days, hours, minutes that you will write each paper. Break it up into days so that the papers will get done and actually show off how smart you are.
Plus if you do it this way you will have way less panic attacks.

2. Go to the library with your friends!!

I know, it sounds crazy right? But going to the library with friends, or "lib life" as me and my friends called it actually makes studying fun. Focus for a while and then goof off and let your brain relax when you need too!! It will actually help you get stuff done...or at least get you into the library.

3. Once you take one test, forget about it.

Finals week is a marathon of studying, panicking, and stupid blue booklets. Just because you have a test on Monday doesn't mean you wont have one in the middle of the afternoon on a Friday. Its annoying. But the worst thing you can do is harp over a final you already took, wondering if you messed up. It will throw off your studying and test taking the rest of the week. Take the test, take a shot, and forget about it.
Don't worry college friends!! Finals are almost over and soon you will have a blissful 6 weeks off. We in the working world hate you.
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Good tips!!! I don't miss stressing out about finals. One tip I wish someone had given me: DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Trust me, you will forget. You will get dehydrated. You will feel super dizzy and tired and it will make it harder to study.