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It's time to find out which K-Pop idol has made it their goal to win your heart!! If you're lost or want to join in click the link below: --> Let's Play Lovers With BTS: Helpful Links

Bouquet 1- Taeyang

The shirtless fanatic from Big Bang. Very romantic and sweet. He wants to get you alone as fast as possible so he can show how much he really loves you. @JessAS @Lizzeh @dlphn100grl @MichelleIbarra @aishwaryashrest @saraortiz2002 @BriannaEugene @VWolf12XOXO @Jiyongixoxo @CCHI0692 @SalesteBrazeau @KarlyThePanda66 @glo86 @AnnahiZaragoza

Bouquet 2- Sehun

Bouquet 3- Jackson

Bouquet 4- Jonghyun

Bouquet 5- Bobby

The deep-voiced hyped rapper from iKON. Loves family and wants you to be part of it. The gif says it all lol @xxKerixx @bangtanella @heidichiesa @BrendaValez @JulieWang @shashae5296 @LakishaMcGowan @TiffanyBibian @Emealia @destiny1419 @SamanthaRamdath @MiaPorras @Baekyeol27 @catatrophic @jessicalnichols

What plans does he have to win your heart? Find out in the next challenge!!!

*Are you guys having fun?? Let me know if its getting boring so I can spice it up. Give your honest opinion. Don't worry about my feelings :)*
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@SusiBosshammer me too! i was worried they were gonna tell me i cheated on Rap Monster with Jackson arent they good friends? 馃槻馃槬
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I got Jackson.
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