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*nods in agreement*
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I thought I was one by just watching Naruto...oh I was wrong...
2 years ago·Reply
No, otaku is a stronger word than nerd or geek here, it's more like drug addict who has to have a constant and better fix of their drug of choice, typically anime games manga etc.
2 years ago·Reply
Or any anime for that matter.
2 years ago·Reply
Like me. I have completed 500 anime, and every day I go without due to grad school I die a little on the inside. Why? Because I know that I could easily be knocking out another entire genre of anime, read entire completed mangas, or play hours of videogames instead of doing school work. Nerds and geeks enjoy things....otaku need their games, manga, and anime to live. It's that simple
2 years ago·Reply
omg so true xD
2 years ago·Reply