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Before I begin telling y'all what went down in my personal life, I wanna say a happy birthday to my baby mama Kim Seokjin oppa ☺️☺️☺️💗💗💗🎉🎉 OKAY ANYWAYS STORY TIME STORY TIME STORY TIMEEEEEE . . . This is really long so bare with me. Okay so 2 days ago I went to a meeting with my mom at her work. We just moved to a different state and I haven't made friends yet so she wanted me to like socialize with juveniles that we're gonna be there and whatever. So we go and I only see like one kid lol but he was cute. Anyways after the meeting of course my mom fucking dipped and I lost her so I'm looking around this place like an idiot and as I'm walking down a hallway I see this guy leaning against the wall but I only see like his side profile, he was good looking but I was focused on tryna find my momma so I was like k whatevs. So I finally find her and we're sitting down at this table with 3 of her co-workers and as the hours go by more and more people start leaving. All of a sudden I hear these 2 deep voices say good bye as they're heading towards the exit, and I turn around and I see like 2 old ass guys waving to the people at our table, and behind them is the guy I saw earlier like really quick...you guys we made eye contact for like 20 seconds.... Literally from the moment we locked eyes we didn't stop staring at each other. THIS GUY WAS FUCKING GORGEOUS. So he stares at me till he gets to the exit and he opens the door for the 2 older men he was with, probs like his dad and grandpa or something, and he looks back at me and does that like smile/smirk thing jsvauqivausbshs I don't even know but I went home that night like holy shit hopefully I never see this guy again in my life bc I'll probably end up making a fool out of myself. So whatever, I've been trying to forget about it and what not so today my mom and I went shopping for some dresses because the same place she works at is having an end of the year party type thing on Saturday so we gotta look fly you know? So after we're done shopping we were fucking starving so we discovered like this super low key Venezuelan place and the food was fucking bomb y'all. So we're there for like an hour, it's getting more and more crowded by the second and you know I'm just eating my arepa having the time of my life...and I fucking look up and guess who walks in the restaurant ... THE SAME FUCKING GUY I SAW AT THE MEETING WITH THE OTHER 2 GUYS ALSO OKAY YALL DONT UNDERSTAND HOW MY FACE WENT FROM LIKE 1000 - 0 REAL QUICK I was literally like what the fuck is happening so I turn over to my mom and I'm like momma that's the nigga I saw at the meeting that I told you about and she's being an asshole trying not to laugh at me because my face is the equivalent to an albino at this point. So here's where it gets weird ... All of a sudden I see him disappear out of the restaurant but the other older guys stayed there and my mom was like he like glanced at you and just left and I'm like WHET????????? So we're there for like another 30 minutes y'all and the nigga still isn't back but the other 2 guys are like looking at me like they know somethings up so I'm legit having a panic attack and I'm like okay mom we need to leave so we get up pay for our food and it's fucking pouring rain outside so we get into the car...and as we're fucking leaving the parking lot I see him go back into the restaurant .... WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING IM SO CONFUSED HE LITERALLY APPEARED OUT OF THIN AIR YOU GUYS ITS LIKE HE WAS WAITING FOR ME TO LEAVE TO GO BACK IN LIKE ??? Idk y'all I had to tell you guys bc if I fucking see him on Saturday like in screwed what are your guys thought please tell me what I should do give me advice give me something. Here's the thing I'd totally make a move on him but he looks older, like he looks intimidating but god damn he's so hot but yeah anyways leave your comments
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂legit my advice is too look as fly and bomb as possible and go on Saturday and if he's there listing to @Emealia. and just ignore him if he's looking your way keep being awesome until he pops up good luck with that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
"socialize with juveniles" I AM DYING
@88kpoplove I just laughed through that whole thing. I'm fkn coughing. So you got a bomb ass dude eyeing you up, make yourself all pretty and whatnot Saturday and if you see him IGNORE HIM Like don't even make eye contact (but if you do, do that little grin thing where you're just like 'yeah I'm hot and I know it'), play that hard to get game and if he's interested then he'll make his move. If not, no loss.
I'm with with @Emealia. he's probably super shy or a ducking retard and doesn't know how to function around a pretty girl. but ignoring them always makes them want you more...sad truth unfortunately lol
I was giggling girl take your kdrama moment and work it
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