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Coca-Cola has taken down an advertisement that caused quite a bit of controversy. The advertisement was featuring an indigenous Mexican community in the southern Oaxaca state.The advertisement shows a group of bubbly white people rushing through the community, building a Coca-Cola tree for the villagers and also carrying a cooler of Coca-Cola drinks.
The problem?
According to consumer and health groups, the Christmas advertisement is an undignified portrayal of indigenous communities. And Coca-Cola is also a contributor to the deteriorating health in those communities. “Coca-Cola is working on some genius colonial branding in Mexico with its out-of-touch, racist #AbreTuCorazon campaign,” one critic said. Another asks: “Why don’t you have the people of Oaxaca taking their culture to other countries?” (The Guardian) The advertisement was pulled from YouTube on late Tuesday.
And they have since apologized.
"As part of Coca-Cola México's Christmas campaign for this year the video "Mixe Community Totontepec" was launched on digital channels, seeking to convey a message of unity and joy. Our intention was never to be insensitive to or underestimate any indigenous group. We have now removed the video and apologize to anyone who may have been offended. In nearly 90 years in the country, Coca-Cola Mexico has worked to share messages of unity and friendship to contribute to build a society free of prejudices." - Coca Cola
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@JPBenedetto @jibarito yeah! It definitely got me thinking. There's context outside the ad. Like maybe the ad itself wouldn't be an issue at all but when you bring in the context of the company's effect on certain parts of the world it does start to look at best insensitive. (I had no idea Swiss Coke was a thing! Haha I don't drink much soda but I'll try it if I ever get the opportunity!)
@shannonl5 very true, I'm glad this topic was brought up and discussed. 😊 Yes! Swiss Coke is a real thing, if I ever find out where to get my hands on some here in the US I will make sure I send you some lol
@jibarito haha you're a sweetheart <3
@shannonl5 blushes** lol