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so thank you to @kpopandkimchi for having the idea of VIXX week. I chose my bias of the group. There are so many reaaons hes my buas but down below you will see juat a few... Enjoy this was the third mv I ever saw of VIXX but its when I fell hard for Taekwon aka Leo.

His hands are so damn sexy...

I am jealous of his hands. I want to be his hands. they are forever by his mouth

his tongue game be on point

I mean seriously stop teasing us with it.

those cute faces he makes

the way he looks holding a child

he just exudes sexiness

I mean I just can't....

the waythis video killed me. His voice is like a slice of heaven pie. Credit to the owners of the pics and videos. ...I own none @kaddict @elistacy87 @queenlee
That picture of him with the baby is the cutest thing I've EVER SEEN
@kpopandkimchi melts my heart everytime