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So I got tagged by @Emealia to do a challenge that @DeniseiaGardner made. so I have made bunch of stories/fan fictions, so I am just going to post it. this is kinda long? because I had originally intended it on being one story, but it turned out being two stories, so I am just going to merge them into one big story on here. feel free to read it, and give me any criticism on it, or just give me your opinion on the story. I will probably post the first story on this card, and the second story on a different card. This story is also on wattpad, so if you wanna read it there, or read any of my stories feel free to read it. My account is @ Xiha9382 WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS LOTS OF FEELS, ONE HAS EVEN CRIED READING THIS
It was late that night, you were laying in bed staring at your book in hand not reading it, but thinking instead. Just before you had dinner with your parents, older sister Paige, and her husband Caho. Your parents were staring and smiling at you quite a lot though. You and your sister were talking a lot as well, but who can blame the two of you? Sure you guys were in a royal family, but one your sister married into a different family and spends more time with them and with you. You two are like best friends, and you wanted to be like her. Paige was someone who was herself, and not what her parents wanted, though they tried to they failed because Paige was one to go her own road. She married the guy she wanted to, and she had an amazing job, heck she was even expecting her own child in the next 5 months! You just wanted to live like her, but you were to nice to not turn down your parents. It just bothered you that they were oddly staring at you, "Mom? Dad? is there something bothering you?" You finally spoke up during dinner an setting down your silver ware just to focus on them now. They looked at each other, smiled and looked back at you, "Honey, you are going to get married, and the boy-" Your mother was cut off by your sister spitting out her wine and yelling at your mom, "What!? You did an arranged marriage!?" Your sister was not happy, and you were just in shock. Your sister hated the thought of arranged marriage, that's why she married before your parents could make it. She married at the age of 16 with Caho, at that time they were secretly dating for 3 years. Now they have been together for 8 years, and still happy as if the day they first got together. When your parents found out they tried to break them up before a marriage could happen, but it didn't work. Your sister wants you to personally find the guy you love and marry him by your choice, not an arranged marriage. They had fought and fought about whether or not you should go with your parents plan. But you decided to speak up, "Paige, it's fine, really. I will respect our parents wish. I mean it's already been arranged." You got up and walked to your room, you thought you had said that in your head actually. But that brings us to now. You were just staring at your book, not reading but just thinking about what news your parents brought you, still just think about it and if you actually said it out loud or not, but your sister had came into the room and sat next to you. "Y/N... Are you sure you want to go through this..?" Well you did it. You had said it out loud. Now what do you say? Only thing to say, "Yeah, who knows, the guy might not be that bad. I can always give it a chance, and if it doesn't work out I can always just go in hiding, and you know I can." You didn't even look at from your book, you were to scared to see what her expression was. Paige got up and walked to the door, "It's late, get some rest sweetie." Setting your book down, turning the lights off, you laid in bed and just couldn't sleep. It took a good few hours of just thinking before falling asleep. Next morning, Paige and Caho had left for their trip back home, and your parents handed you an invitation. It was an invitation to a ball. Looking up at your parents smiling; just staring at you like they were last night, you figured it was an invitation to the ball the family you are going to marry into is throwing. The party was tonight. Looking up at your parents, you said "I will go, but I need a nice dress." Your parents, being a step ahead of you, moved so you you could see a maid standing besides a rack of dresses. All of them looking nice, but you still had to pick one. Looking at the dresses, each five of the dresses had a different kind of dress style. The first dress you looked at was a classy dress. The dress was a black and white dress that ended right above the knee. The dress was strapless, and was a little poofy on from the waist down. The poofy part of the dress was also pleated, switching from black to white. Your next pick was a Ball room dress, surely this would be a perfect kind of dress considering the party, but still no harm in seeing the other dresses. This dress was almost Cinderella like. This dress was blue and had diamonds along the breast part, down the middle, and along the waist. The dress covered your feet, making your choices of shoes easier. Just like the classy dress, from the waist down the dress was more poofy, but this dress was also had taffeta, making it more elegant. The dress was also strapless just like the Classy dress. The third dress was a Mini dress. This dress was a lot more simple, this dress was plain black and had both straps. Ending at your upper thigh, but just enough to cover short shorts, if you wore them. This dress was the type of dress you would wear on a date, even if you were not on one, it was also a dress that you would wear to a club. The Fourth dress was a cocktail dress. this dress was a short, taffeta, flower, strapless, stylish, cocktail dress. The dress was black and the flowers were white. the flowers went all around the top of the dress and down the right side. This dress had riffles from the waist down, making it look nice and elegant. The fifth, and last dress, was a different type of Mini dress, but it almost seemed like a dress you would wear for your wedding. This dress was fully white, long sleeved, and had a red ribbon that wraps around the waist. The dress ended around the middle of your thigh. While deciding, you came to pick your dress. The dress you chose was the (your choice of dress) with (type of shoes). Your parents shoo'd the maids away with the rack of dresses once you grabbed your choice of clothing. You went to your room and set down the dress and shoes on your bed, and went to the kitchen only to see the maids cleaning dishes, showing they already made breakfast. You went to sit down at the table to eat, and your parents spoke up, "We are gonna have a busy day sweetheart. We are going to bring you to the spa, get you all freshened up and ready for tonight. We will go get your nails done, get your hair done, and even get your make up done. by then you will have enough time to get dressed and we will leave for the ball." You nodded, and finished eating. Doing what you parents told, made your day quite relaxing. The spa was always the best part. The hair stylist straightened your hair, and the girl who did your make up made it look all natural. It was 7pm already, and your parents looked as good as they always have for this kind of stuff. A carriage came, and you all got in and drove to the ball. The house was amazing, it was the best house you have ever seen, and you have seen many nice houses and have been to many rich families houses, but this, this was the best one. Walking in the ball room, you were greeted by a maid and a butler. The maid recognized you right away and said "Miss (Y/N), Mr. and Miss. Min have been waiting your arrival. Mr. Yoongi will be with you soon." The maid gestured you to follow her, leading you to the parents of the boy you were to marry. "Ah, Miss (Y/N), it is good to finally meet you." Mr. Min said, "Yes, it is. My don't you just look lovely tonight." Miss. Min said to you, before you all bows to each other. Mr. Min showed you to a chair, and while looking around you noticed a boy just staring at you. You felt kinda uncomfortable, and Mr. and Miss. Min must have noticed. "(Y/N), is something wrong?" You pointed in the direction where the boy was, and Miss. Min nodded at this, "Ah, there is our boy," she looked at the maid next to her, "Mina, could you go gather Yoongi down here please?" The maid nodded and headed towards Yoongi. When he came back with Mina, he has a smile on his face. He automatically came up to you, "You must be my wife to be. It is a pleasure to meet you my dear." He then took your left hand and kissed it. Your heart was fluttering, and it has never done that. You had no idea what you were feeling, your face was burning, and you could tell you were blushing, "N-Nice to meet you too. My name is-" Yoongi lifted a hand to stop you from talking, "I know who you are, how could I not know my own fiances name?" You felt stupid, he was right. But your parents didn't tell you his name, and didn't know about it until just recently. "Now, now children. Go out to the dance floor, and dance, get to know each other better." Mr. Min had said, and shoo'd you both away to the dance floor. When you both got there and started slow dancing, Yoongi's attitude changed towards you all of a sudden. He looked mad, irritated, but trying to put on a nice face. This sudden change got you kind of confused of what happened, "Is something wrong Yoongi?" He scoffed, "What is wrong? Well the fact that I have to give up my choice of marriage because my parents are forcing me to marry you. You really think I want to do this? No, but will I? Only because our parents insists and because this is tradition in my family. I will not stop tradition. " You felt uncomfortable again. Knowing that he doesn't want to marry you, even though you both have not gotten to know each other. You kept thinking about what he said, and it made you feel nauseous. "I think I'm gonna go.. It was nice meeting you, I guess.." You backed up and walked to the bathroom before he could do anything, not that you thought he would after that, but just in case. You looked in the mirror, you were tearing up. Why? You shouldn't be. You had no feelings for this boy, at least you thought you didn't. Was it just the thought of him not wanting to marry you? Were you not good enough for him? You were getting frustrated and these thoughts, his harsh words, they just made you want to go home and not come back. You walked up to your parents, "I'm ready to home. Can we go now?" You didn't want them to question why you wanted to leave a of a sudden, so you just started walking towards the exit, that is until someone grabbed your arm. "Look, I just want to go, can we not-" you trailed off when you turned to see Yoongi, but why did he stop you from leaving? "(Y/N), can we just go through this night together? Just for the sake of our parents? I promise I will get to know you and give you a chance, but my feelings towards this marriage thing will not change." You looked at him for a while before giving in, "Fine. Let's just go through the night, and what ever our parents put us through." He nodded and dragged you up the stairs to look down at the party. You heard someone tapping their drinking glass to gather attention, only to see that it was Mr. Min, "Attention everyone, I would like to announce something very important. If you have not noticed already, my son, Min Yoongi, was dancing with a girl. But not just any girl, Ladies and Gentlemen, i would like to announce the engagement of my son Yoongi, and (Y/N)." He gestured to where you and Yoongi were and everyone was clapping and cheering for you both, while you both smiled and waved at them. When the noise died down, you could hear a girl say "Kiss the girl!" In a mocking Sebastian from the Little Mermaid sound. After she said that everyone was saying it, they even started singing the song. Yoongi turned you around, pulled you in, and kissed you. If wasn't rough, but sweet. He was being passionate, but it made you wonder if he was doing that because both parents were watching. How ever, you had to play along, so you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him like he was kissing you. The kiss had turned into a make out session, and the whole crowd was just cheering for you both, and you could even hear a few people yelling "Get a room!" which Yoongi dragged you to his room while the two of you were making out. Yoongi pushed you on the bed, and with out either of you two thinking, started ripping off each others clothes. and things just got hot. You were first to awoke, and started getting dressed and headed for the door until Yoongi spoke up, "Leaving already?" You turned to him and nodded, "Unless... You want me to stay." Yoongi just patted the bed, showing that he wanted you to stay, so you did. "What was all that..?" You asked him once laying back in his bed, "What was what?" "Last night, you know, the kiss, the make out, the.... sex." He smirked, "I put on a great show don't I? Besides, me being your first, you have to admit you enjoyed it." You scowled at him, sure you liked it, but you were not going to tell him that. "You are not answering me. Was that all just an act? I understand you don't like me, but-" He sat up stopping you, "Wow wow wow, don't get ahead of yourself now. I never said i didn't like you. I just don't want to marry some chick I don't even know. Some girl I don't have any feelings towards." You sat up as well but this time you were mad at him, "Is that really what I am to you? Some chick? And if you had no feelings towards me, why even screw me? I'm sorry, but I really think that this thing between us, will never be like what our parents have." You were about to get up until he kept talking, "That's not what I meant. You are a pretty girl, it is hard to not want sexual activities with you. I hope that we will have feelings like our parents, if they want us to marry then it has to mean something. Why do you think I was asking for another chance? Besides, when I feel like you are special enough, I will give you a name for you to call me." You were mad, you knew that he is just doing this for show in front of others. You knew he doesn't have any feelings towards you. The hard part was that you had feelings towards him. This time when you spoke it was calm, "How about you just be real with me. I know you don't have feelings towards me, but I do towards you," You saw shock in his eyes, and before he could speak you kept going, "Do what you want in front of our parents, but just know I know the truth. The wedding is tomorrow, and we have to get along at some point. Quite frankly, I do not see that happening soon." You stood up and left the room, he didn't even say a word to stop you. You left the house and called for a cab. Once the cab arrived, you left for home. You arrived home in a quick amount of time, and headed for your room with out a word to anyone. You changed into pajamas and left to the kitchen, grabbed ice cream, and went to the living room to watch some TV. You were only doing it to get what happened off your mind. It had worked until your mom came in the room a few hours later saying, "Honey, We will be having dinner at the Min's house tonight. Please wear something nice." "Great, so I have to see him again. Fine, what ever pleases you, I will do so. I mean, the wedding is tomorrow, and I really have no choice in the matter anyways." You left for your room before your mom could question why you said that, but when you passed her, she looked both concerned and confused. You grabbed one of the dresses that you were shown yesterday, this time it was the (your choice of dress) dress. You got ready for the dinner, and once done you headed for the door to wait for your parents. When you arrived back at the Min's house, you felt nauseous right away. You were not ready to see Yoongi so soon, especially after what had happened. When you arrived at the door, Yoongi was first to meet you all, and came to you hugging you, "I'm sorry.." Was all he whispered in your ear before he kissed your forehead and shook hands with your parents. During dinner all the parents could talk about was of you and Yoongi. You acted like nothing was wrong and smiled most the time, answering what ever needed to be, and Yoongi did the same. At the end of dinner, Miss. Min ask you to walk with her, and you did as asked. She walked you to a room, it looked like a room where only a couple could dance in. It was a small room, but soothing at the same time. Miss. Min turned on some music, and told you a story about her husband and herself and this room. But it was just about how they got engaged and how they got together. She then left you in the room and you sat in there calming yourself. You were so lost in thought that you never heard some one come in the room, "(Y/N)...." You looked over to the person and saw Yoongi looking upset, "I'm really sorry about this morning.. I just don't know if im ready for something like this... You are a really nice girl.. But I..." His words trailed off, "Yoongi, don't worry about it. It has already been done, we can't go back." You hugged him, and he surprised you by hugging back, but pulled back, and left the room. The way he was acting made you think he already was in love with some one, but just couldn't tell his parents. Next thing you knew, it was your wedding day. You wore a the dress that looked like a wedding dress from a couple days ago. The wedding was amazing, everyone was happy, but you were so unsure of everything, but you still went with the flow. When it was time for the kiss, Yoongi kissed you gently, and sweetly. Afterwards you were handed wine from your mom and you drank it right away. You were feeling odd today, and something was telling you to not do something stupid, but didn't know why you felt that way. When Yoongi caught up to you near your parents and the wine, "(Y/N), can we talk alone for a bit?" You nodded and followed Yoongi to the front of the yard, right by the side walk and high way. Yoongi was nervous, you could tell, "I need to explain my actions... truly.. The reason I have treated you this way, is because I have feelings for Mina.. her and I have been secretly been together for a while now, and even now I still care for her. Because of the wedding today, her and I have called it quits because she doesn't want to hurt you." You stared at him, not really knowing what to say, "Uh, okay...? What do you want me to say to that?" "You are not mad? Not even when I screwed her just before this stuff?" "You what?? Wait you didn't say anything about that!" "I'm sorry." Before getting mad at him, you nodded, "Right.. So you and I are really going to be a thing now..." He nodded his head, but didn't respond. He walked away some where. When it got late, you went in search of him after a while, because you didn't see him any where. When you went to the front door, Yoongi seemed to just re-arrived at the house, this time holding flowers. "Yoongi..? When did you leave to get flowers?" He looked and you and stuck them out, showing they were for you. "I felt bad for what i told you, and wanted to get you these." You took them, and thanked him. Before walking in the house Yoongi stopped you. "(Y/N), I have been bored for the past hour. Can you help me with that?" You looked at him confused, "I guess?" He smiled and took the flowers out of your hand and dropped them on the ground and started to kiss you. The kiss reminded you of when you two first kissed, the kiss later lead to a make out, just like before. Yoongi Lifted you up, you wrapped your legs around his waist and he had you pinned against the wall. He started kissing your neck, he was trying to get sexual. "Yoongi.... Not now... Not now... This isn't right.." He didn't stop, you unwrapped your legs from his waist and tried to get out of his grasp, "Yoongi stop!" He let go and got kinda mad, "Why?? What is so wrong with you and I doing this? It isn't the first time." "That doesn't change the fact that we are outside in public, what if people see? You really thought I would want to do this?" "Let them see! besides you really think I wanted to marry you when all we do is fight? No I didn't!" The words could not be taken back, you were crying suddenly, "I don't even know what I did..." You ran off, "God dammit.... you didn't do anything..." He had tried to run after you, but before he could reach you, or even turn around he heard a car slamming on the brakes and a thud. He turned around to see you got hit by a car. He ran to you and picked you up, but just touching you, he could see the pain in your eyes. The pain from what has happened between the two of you, and the pain from getting hit. "(Y/N)! Oh my god... What have I done... I'm so sorry..." Others from the party must have heard the sound, because next thing you knew, guests were coming out to see what happened. Yoongi kissed your forehead, he was crying. He had actually showed that he cared for you, but him showing it now was just to late. Nothing could undo this. "(Y/N).. I do love you... I don't know what I was thinking... I'm so sorry.." "Yoongi...." He hushed you, "Call me Suga..." He was giving you the name. You were truly special, but he just showed it too late. "Suga.. Promise me to learn from this... Please, take care of my family.... I... I love you, Min Yoongi." Those were you last words, before dying. "I love you too (Y/N).." Yoongi had said as he was bawling his eyes out. Ambulances had came, and even tried reviving you, but they too were just to late. Yoongi, had Lost his Love.
if you read all of that, I just wanna say thank you, and please give your opinion. Remember there is also a second part to this story haha if you want to be tagged in it please let me know.
curve ball there at the end! πŸ‘ liked it and tag in part 2 please
tag me please! i love it β™‘
Tag me!! Lost love is beautiful and sad story! I love it!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
WHAT? I got killed off? How fast was that car going? Don't you usually have at least 45 minutes or something close to that? Ahhhhhh, I'm so sad😒😒😒
@RainaC3 thank you. you are really awesome at writing! I really loved the second part!
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