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Happy Birthday to the momma of the group!!!! He is too perfect, he's handsome and he knows it!
Jin is amazing at English... like the dude says 2nd best in the group.
His voice is just so amazing!!!
This cover of Mom (Mother) by Jin was so amazing it made me cry. His voice is perfect for this song. Saranghae Seokjin!
I hope he gets to have the best day ever!!!
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@Tigerlily84 he seriously kills me lol
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@SarahVanDorn my favorite Jin memory was in rookie king in that one episode where he constantly had a flower behind his ear. my favorite part was that the flower kept changing. Too cute! remember what I am talking about?
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@Tigerlily84 yes I do lol it was too funny. I kept going wait wasn't that there? @thepinkprincess
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Happy Birthday Jin!!
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