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yes I see where most of you are coming from saying he's a dick and all that but do you blame him? I mean look at where he came from...his childhood.... (also not to mention he's super hot)
Sasuke isn't in a worse situation than anyone else. His behavior is just part of his role in the series. I have no hate towards him whatsoever. And I personally think there is a crap-ton more hate flying towards Sakura than Sasuke. >_> I mean, let's be real. lol
I would be like sasuke to if my whole clan got wiped out from my older brother. But what if his clan didn't get wiped out he probably wouldn't have been the way he was
Yeah I'm going to get through the original no matter what
So I've heard, but based on advice from a geeky fb group I'm in, I'm determined to push through rather than jump to Shippuden
I feel like Naruto says that about a lot of people though. I don't hate Sasuke at the point where I am (the big chunk of filler toward the end of Naruto which I could probably skip but I won't)
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