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I wanna hear serious opinions of who would win. No outside weapons help or anything. Just them and there abilities. Scenario 1: all bloodlusted, no prep, all melee. Scenario 2: all out holds barred.
I personally think it's gonna come down to saitama vs superman. But I don't know enough about superman to make a conclusion. Feel free to debate about this battle of the century.
Superman. Watch Screw Attacks Death Battle: Goku vs. Superman. It gives you the whole rundown on their abilities and though I was rooting for Goku, Supes' sheer physical power is to ridiculous levels at the peak of his ability. He literally strapped a planet with a harness to his back and towed it to a different orbit. Technically if he used his strongest punch the resulting aftermath (shockwave) alone would be enough to destroy the Earth. That's what happens when writers have no clue about physics. "Hey wouldn't it be cool if he did this?!" and now you have a character whose strength is so extreme that the only reason he doesn't use his full strength is because he would cause more damage to the planet than whatever he was fighting.
Honestly speaking saitama has this in the bag because of his ability. His power is not super speed or insane strength, his power is simply to be able to end all fights with a single punch.
There is a lot of talk about how limitless superman is but even superman can't stand up to a man who can affect the logic of the world
its true based on how hes built in the series he follows the same concept as superman
Hmm.... One Punch is one of the many modern Shounen that take its roots from DBZ.... So I would have to say that Saitama would likely win. As for superman.... Gets knocked out by missiles and robots, hits mortal DC villains without restraint but miraculously doesn't kill them.... Somehow can tow planets, survive a supernova, and breathe in space. I base my argument on classic superman before he was OP as hell and limit goku to pre-super saiyan max (meaning training at 100 times gravity). Screw attack didn't account for character and canon consistency in their battle or the fact that ki blast are plasma. When you take away the inconsistency and get at the core characters it works out like this. Saitama beats Goku and superman finishes last. The simple reason this will never truly resolve is because DC writes around any of superman's weaknesses and makes him stronger each time a character comes along that threatens his supremacy. Last time he was majorly rebooted (before recent DC overhaul) was in the 1980's-90's. Gee I wonder what character could have been rising to power at that time that made them transform superman from hero to god...... Oh wait.... That was when DBZ was airing lol