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I was looking at Lizz Hickey's amazing webcomic series, True Romance Comix, when I came across this one, where she lists different people in your personal or professional life that you probably shouldn't be hooking up with - your boss, your best friend's ex, your ex's best friend, your professor/teacher, and your office co-worker.
I've known friends that have definitely done some of these with no problem at all, while I've seen other friends fall into these 'traps' and watch their love life get all sorts of messy.

Have you dated someone from one of these groups? Was it Love Island or Fail Beach? Sound off in the comments below!

One of my "sisters" is married to the guy that was her boss when they started dating. I remember thinking she was crazy, but hey, what do I know? Thinking out loud... I think love can happen in the most odd and interesting ways. That means, sometimes, it must include a certain amount of risk. Like gambling. Why should anyone be off limits if that "something" is there? (Referring to the four instances you've posted.) That being said, you have to decide how MUCH you're willing to risk - a job, a friend, comfort, etc. Again, like gambling.
yup...coworkers coworkers coworkers,but they were also school mates and classmates. I didn't allow it to get awkward cause once it was over it was over. I'm still friends with some, and some of them just talk to me to annoy me(I guess)
We both broke the 'don't screw the crew' rule
@InPlainSight Dun dun dunnn.. yeah, I remember back when I worked at Starbucks,, if two people started dating and everyone found out, one of them would have to transfer to another location.
Yeah, I went there with a co-worker....was fun for a while
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