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Some KPop tips to make your day -and someone else's, obviously- a little brighter.

-Hi everyone! Sara is back on her Vingle Cards. Anyway, I have been having a great week so far, and well, I have been smiling and laughing and just having fun. I have been writing -while listening to my RapMonnies own rap track- and just having immense happy thoughts about how I wish my life could be. All of that was broken into frustration because I saw that a KPopper in our Vingle family was being bullied HERE and that if we could do anything to help, it would be appreciated. I decided to make some tips for everyone -KPopper or not- so that instead of having a bully zone, we have a friendly and happy one.

I mean, come on people. Are you guys still bullying?

Its Christmas season, go chill and drink some hot chocolate.

But, anyhow, please keep on reading. As you help some one else, you will also help yourself into feeling good that you helped someone. Seriously, studies show this.

BUT ANYWAY. SHALL WE START WITH OUR HAPPY VIRUS -Sorry, I had to make a Chanyeol pun here XD- CARD?


GOOD. Let's begin.

Smile at some one you know, or don't know.

You have an ugly smile? No you don't. Not even. Go ahead and smile at anyone -heck, smile at the whole world- like JHope does. But DONT do a hypocrite smile. People hate those. Make it genuine. Smiling is the best thing someone can wear. Trust me, not only will you feel the other person more relaxed, but your vibes will reflect to you, too. They will make your day more positive.

Open the door for someone

JB or any leader would so totally do this one... This one might be off a little, but by experience, you can change the mood of a person if you show that there are some people out there in the world that still care. Its reassuring. Do it to teachers, students, little kids, you'll brighten their day.

I promise.

Make a handmade gift for someone.

Every Maknae has or will do this at least once. Remember the time YuGyeom tried cooking for his hyungs along with BamBam? Yeah. Do that. Protect the food, the friendship bracelet, anything. In the end -and let me tell you, for I still do this- the person will keep it. And if they leave it somewhere in their room, they will clean it up one day and find it. That moment is precious. All those memories of who you were will come flooding back to the person, and it feels great.

Both to remember, and to be remembered.

Ask anyone, "Can I help you with anything?"

I thought about this one, and the fist person that came up on my mind was Jin. Jin is literally the mother of BTS. All of us know that. He helps in any way he can, he cooks, he comforts, he's basically there for all the rest of the members....

Try to do that. Try to make someones day a little easier.

Just do it, you'll see the results. They are wonderful.

Make a song about how great a friend is and sing it to them.

Is it me, or do you guys also see Jackson doing this for Mark? I dont know, I just thought MarkSon like right on the spot. Anyway, you don't know how many laughs you can give someone, or how fun you can have. Its a beautiful feeling to have butterflies and stomach pain from all the laughing. You don't necessarily have to do this, but do Something silly. it can help someone in so many ways.

Look for one person who is having a bad day and try to make then smile.

Be like Lay, Chanyeol and Beakhyun.

Just do it, it helps.

I promise c:

Clean up one mess you didn't make

I see this, and I suddenly remember Seungris LET ME DO IT FOR YOU favor on the V app. Check it out if you haven't seen it. Its adorable. No, but really. You might not know how much you can help someone's day with this. Just by knowing that there are people out there who are willing to help without expecting anything in return, its super sweet.

It makes you smile.


Give one thing you own to somebody who needs it more than you.


You might take your things for granted every once in a while -and its OK, we all do-, but we DONT realize that maybe -just maybe- the people around us need it. We are completely unaware how much we could be hurting some one by -not on purpose though- showing off. Please, try to be considerate with others and share. You have no idea the amount of happiness you can bring to a person with that simple act.


Tell one person why you love them.

OK, I'm gonna be real here, I. HATE. TELLING. MY. FEELINGS. TO. PEOPLE.

I know I have to, I just don't like it. And I am 100% sure that there are others who think like me.

Well, guess what?

You gotta do it, fam. Just do it.

It relieves stress and makes someone's day, simple as that.

I made these for those people that bully others and well, basically have nothing else to do with their life, but please, even if you don't bully anyone, try to do these.

Happiness is one of the biggest things someone can have.

If you are feeling down, why DONT you take a look at my KPopQuotes. It will boost you up. I promise c:


The world is such a beautiful place to have envious, sad people.





by the way, @thePinkPrincess , thank you for the tag. You are a wonderful person, DONT forget that. Yes? Good, ILY.
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P.S. Start getting into the Christmas spirit c: . Here. have GOT7s CHRISTMAS CONFESSION Song to pump you up :D.
@baileykayleen Im from texas too! dude, what city?
this is a good card馃槉
@AimeeH c: @baileykayleen you live down south? where? @szewwy saaameee @robertakm64 I'm glad I did.
Thank you for sharing ... it does my heart good to know there are people who appreciate the value of good manners and go out of their way to set a positive example for others ... This is how I've taught my kids to be even when no one's watching because that is how a person builds integrity. You made my day! :D
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