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Kpop sites to buy merch from
if you want to look for phone cases try like those two beauties above
For clothing purposes Munkypop or You can try, eBay, etsy or kpopmart which I'll post below.
Albums or other cute kpop merch amazon, ebay, kpop town
also for people who like live and love YG they have their own us site to buy all yg fan merch from 2ne1 all the way to iKON!
@RihannaTiaMay They got some more suga cases at obey the korean
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@SusiBosshammer I want to save my money for text books next semester though 0-0"
2 years ago·Reply
@SusiBosshammer I'm thinking about getting a jackson one but imma wait it out until my birthday hits
2 years ago·Reply
@petname83 that one was a limited time only when I bought it because it was a holloween special
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