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The Warriors and Panthers are the hottest teams in sports at the moment.
The Warriors are 19-0 to start the NBA season, the best start in league history. The Panthers are off to an 11-0 start, the best in franchise history.
After reviewing each team, who do you think will lose first?
During an interview with ESPN, Curry spoke on both teams and their success thus far this year.
"It's great to see them doing what they're doing, 11-0 and looking forward to a big playoff run and Super Bowl appearance," said Curry, whose Warriors improved to 20-0 on Wednesday night. "Just to be able to root for them back out in California, it's a lot of fun."
He later went on to add, "Obviously, being 11-0 is amazing," Curry said. "But they've shown signs over the last two or three years that they're elevating to that next level, so it's just great to see everything click, the way Coach Rivera is handling that team and the decisions they've got to make on both sides of the ball."
After reviewing both teams, which one do you think will lose first? Panthers or the Warriors?
I also think the Warriors will be the first ones to fall.
Even Curry said so. The Warriors will lose first. But both teams look unbeatable right now haha
idk. i will say Panthers
Warriors will lose first I think based on the fact that they have to play more games per week and the Panthers have a pretty soft schedule to end the season.