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BTS and it's Theories
So on YouTube I watch this channel called Game Theory, where they come up with different theory that could explain things about game. And now they also have another for theories of movies called Film Theory. The analyze everything and come up with theories that just most definitely have to be ture.
And so I was thinking with all the BTS theories going around I was thinking that I would be cool if this channel would do a special where the give an explanation to all of BTS MVs. But the possibility of this gapping is almost zero to none. That because it's a channel for video games and I'm pretty sure that Matthew doesn't like or know what Kpop is. But it was just an idea that came to me well watching a video. Check out the channel though it has some pretty cool theories! When will the day that us BTS fan(Army) will know the true meaning behind everything!?!?!?