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[Review] Holika Holika Fruits Pop Gloss
Price: KRW 6900 (approx USD 6.9) Net Content: 6.5g Available Color: 1) Cherry 2) Grapes 3) Strawberry 4) Orange 5) Apple Mint I had to buy all this 5 colors because I find it really fun and I get different feelings everytime I use different colors. The cherry smells really like cherry, and same for others too. The best part of this lipgloss is the tint effect. I tested on my hand, and cherry has the strongest effect of tint, followed by grapes, strawberry, orange, and the apple mint only gives volume (plumping) effect. If you see my picture, the first top picture is a bare lips, the left lips picture uses cherry red, and the right one uses apple mint. On a conclusion, I like the apple mint, strawberry, and grapes the best, because it smells really nice, but I like the orange the least because it smells funny for me.
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Where do I find this? Interested b/c I love lip gloss more than lipstick
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