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Let's just write our apologies guys. Okay friends? I may not have been there for what happened, but I felt the atmosphere near the end. The only I could feel is helpless. I was wanting to say something to help everyone just get along. But I couldn't. Because the fact that I didn't really know what was going on at first. So please guys, please. It hurts me more to the fact that I myself was helpless to the situation. In this card, let's write our apologies, and leave what happened in the past. I know we were trying to help one another, but sometimes... its only best to take baby steps. Everyone, love you all, and I enjoyed our conversations. Hugs to everyone and let's get this love to go around
These last few days have been so happy for me. You all have brought me so much laughter and happiness in such little time. @AnimeGamer, I don't know what happened at the grocery store, but I am so sorry it did. I'm sure everyone else would agree that you have made us all very happy. It is entirely unfair that we haven't properly gave back the kindness you have shown all of us, and it truly breaks me to know that I, in part, caused you to cry and leave.
Have y'all heard the song Brothers by Kid Cudi. if not, listen to it right now. its such a beautiful song of making family out of friends. You guys have become my family here on Vingle! πŸ˜€βœŠ
Did you guys swipe through the photos?? The very last one, I dedicate to all of you. I don't know your faces, but your souls are beautiful to me! 😁
anyways regardless I'm sorry, I might have been inconsiderate without thinking :( @ShinigamiSan @ZombieDragon @JuanSanchez01 @FrankOrozco @LilianaZeferino honestly you guys make my world a better place
I honestly from this day forward consider all of you my friends, and I'm really sorry this all happened :( you all are important to me and so fun to talk to it hurts that this happened
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