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You introduce your sister to BTS and Kookie steals her heart... And she sends you a bunch of screenshots of pics she finds on the Internet... And she likes your bias second...
And then because she is already a Shawol and a Flamer she decides to find fanfics of Choi Minho and Kookie as a couple... Omg I love my sis but what did I just unleash???
@AnnieGoodman Omg yessssssss!!! Another V lover for the win!!! I am trying to learn Korean as well but that started with my Korean Dramas, I want to be able to watch them without subtitles, and then last year I got into Kpop through SHINee and now it just became even more so that I want to learn Korean...
I showed my little sister BTS and she in head over heels for V. That is what got her into Kpop to begin with and now she's trying to learn Korean