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No clue. Rip I fail the challenge.
DAY 14 BECAUSE I NEED TO CATCH UP!, saddest anime death? Uhm... Can I reuse the same one from "saddest anime scene" ? Nahhh...
The saddest anime death is the story of Lisanna Strauss. If you know it then you know what I'm talking about it not I won't say anything cause fairy tail is great and you should go watch it c: anyway finding out the truth to her death is pretty touchy felt and I liked how it played out.
What about you, what your saddest death you've witnessed in an anime?
can't think of JUST here are a few saddest character deaths: Ace from One Piece Hide from Tokyo Ghoul Maes from FMA Neji from Naruto Jiraya from Naruto Asuma from Naruto Marco from SNK Simon from Fairy Tail Akise from Future Diary
I refrained from posting pictures of older Lisanna to keep spoilers cx
The sad part is the edolas Lisanna is dead and they replaced her with real lisanna
Nah I'm caught up
Spoilet Alert: Lisanna doesn't actually die. Sorry if I spoiled it