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End-of-life plans aren't typically something people want to talk about, and yet, despite the assumed 'unpopularity', funeral services and other memorial-centered companies generated a whopping $20.7 billion last year - almost 200% more than the adult entertainment industry.
And like any other expanding business, the companies involved are continuously looking for ways to stand out - from Harley Davidson hearses to pressing ashes into diamonds to be later cast and worn by loved ones.
With that being said, it's really no surprise that even companies like Cremation Solutions have caught onto the 3D printing trend - using it to create funerary urns shaped like the deceased's faces.
The company uses a number of different photographs to create a 360-degree replica urn that is offered in two sizes - the full-sized urn ($2,600) that can hold the ashes of an adult and the small 'keepsake' urn ($600) that only holds a small amount of ashes for loved ones.
So how did business owner Jeff Staab come up with this idea? Well, according to an interview with Wired, he was inspired by the funerary customs of ancient history:

"As a whole, products and services are becoming more personalized, and if you look through history, the Romans and Greeks had memorials made out of brass, and they were popular for hundreds of years."

And to compare this Ancient Greek canopic urn (left) with Jeff's 'test' urn of Barack Obama (right), it's safe to say they've come a long way in the craft.

So now I want to know:

Would you consider purchasing one of these customized urns for you or a loved one? How about for a pet?

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