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Toradora: Taiga Aisaka cosplay
I'm a noob to Vingle. Anyway, These are pictures of my Taiga Aisaka cosplay. You might see the tag "Palmtop Cosplayer" It's my cosplay name on my Facebook page And username on my Instagram! (I have two accounts @taiga.aisaka_ @palmtopcosplayer(personal)) *The picture on the top is me and my friends. Ami: Yijia Minori: Laura (my bestie❤️) And me as Taiga..
I really enjoy cosplaying as Taiga. Me and Taiga share the same exact similarities.(old pic)
I don't like my body in a swimsuit.. I'm old but yet, I have a "underdeveloped" body (quoted by the old peeps in my old class -.-)
This is one of my favorite pictures. I just love,love Christmas!! I wish to cosplay taiga as an angel soon.
Thank you all for reading! Bye~ 🐯🌸
I love this!!!!! Your taiga is so cute ;;;;
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Your username is super accurate lole @RealLifeTaiga
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