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Top 40 Best of MJ as a Bull
The man that this man couldn't do. I mean he retired (well the first time lol) bc he was too bored with the NBA lol
He shouldve jsut stayed retired... i hated that stunt he had with the wizards I mean seriously how more perfect could it really be with him leaving hitting the game winning shot in the final seconds against ur arch rival in the championship game!!! Thats every player's dream! lol
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All athletes, pro on down always stay in the game too long, afraid to grow up, Jordan was no exception!!!!!! JR
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@JimmyRogers I mean to a certain extent I understand. These athletes are defined by their careers. They have their sport, and that is all they have ever known, ever since they were kids. They just don't know how to see themselves out of the game... They have very little to turn to
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