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Wahh!!! I really really want to learn Korean, I do. But....
I'm trying to find my motivation but am failing! Someone help me get motivated!
Ugh SAME! I've found that now that I make cards and am helping people it is making me study more, but im still stuck in the same place. I'm good at reviewing but learning new stuff is really hard :/
I feel you. I decided dedicate Korean in summer when I am done with my first college year. At the moment I am just learning sometimes new stuff and have purchased some stuff to help me learn Korean, plus I got many friends that are Korean and they help me. As of motivation, only if you are in Korea, for now at least. It was same thing when I came to USA when got adopted, and I had to learn new language which I did not know and everyone in USA spoke. I wish I learned at the young age, which by now I would be fluent with it. At the moment I am multilingual. Gotta reach 7 languages :'(
think of your bias(es), think of the anime and dramas you like. think of how good it will feel to not need subtitles, if you ever wanna move or visit Korea think of how easy and convenient it would be. Think of all the things you can say about someone without them knowing!!
@panouvang123 I only speak English so they are all my motivation lol I do know how to say idiot in Japaneese and fool in Korean so that's a start!
I'm in the same boat... I try to watch the Korean reality shows without eng sub bc then I have to learn some Korean to understand
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