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Just thought I'd post up some pictures of my number one group......BTS!!!!
I want Kookie's shirt!!!
Ehh.....I kind of want to own a bandana now!!! ^~^
No....its more like SuSung (shipping name of suga and me.....quick fact my Korean name is Han Sung Ah) That is the question.....Kookie why are you so derpy????
......Hmmm....Tae's way of seducing....weird
They still look.....cute with no nose... .. ^~^
Bonus for Chim Chim stans..... I have decided to cut my hair like how he has it currently.....I dislike long hair.....and my hair is in the annoying territory already -~- @destiny1419 @ArmyofKookie @CreeTheOtaku @Emealia @krin @MadAndrea @DesireeChucklez @RihannaTiaMay @kpopandkimchi
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lmfao these were so funny.
@ARMYStarlight go for it!!!
Ok the amount of derp in one group is astounding XD ooooh~ you should post a card once you cut yo hair~ ^_^ I love seeing ppl cute their hair short! 💕
ahh i will lets hope its soon heh @ArmyofKookie
@ARMYStarlight Go for it! It might tủn out awesome!~♡