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So, while closing down the coffee shop tonight I felt inclined to follow up with @kpopandkimchi's "If VIXX were Fallout Boy Songs" and go with 80's songs this week. My best friend and I have decided to collaborate her vast knowledge of VIXX and mine of music and blogging (She somehow deleted the first card I tried to make of this so she's no longer allowed near my computer during blog time >:[ )
OK! Let's begin!
HAKYEON (N): Cyndi Lauper -- Girls Just Want to Have Fun: 'nough said.....
KEN: David Bowie -- Dance Magic Dance:
Because Ken is a fabulous faery! Just look at them body rolls!!! *dies a little...*
"Put that magic jump on me
Slap that baby, make him free"
LEO: The Bravery -- An Honest Mistake:
Taekwoon is often misunderstood and thought to be cold when he's the most gentle soul on the planet! It's an honest mistake when people portray him as "cold" or "unapproachable" much like myself.... =/
Don't look at me that way
It was an honest mistake....
RAVI: Michael Jackson -- Thriller:
This was chosen for several reasons:
A.) Ravi's song Ghost coincides with Thriller to some degree
B.) In the lyrics that Ravi composes, he always describes himself as a beast, monster, demon, etc
C.) He's always the life of the party around his friends and family
HONGBIN: Prince -- Kiss:
*cough cough* then....*rolls up sleeves*....explanation time....
Hongbin is a flirt....this is his reality. He flirts with girl group members. He flirts with movie cast members of ALL ages and even goes as far as to flirt with PDnims. I'm sure he'd flirt with your grandmother if given the chance ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Most importantly though, I can see him doing this dance at a very annoyed Leo, preferably with Ken and N as his backup dancers.This of course would end with Leo eventually forgiving him for the embarrassment and inevitably end up draping himself all over Hongbin.
HYUK: Toto -- Africa:
Hyuk was the most difficult to choose for. He's not that complicated of a person, but finding a non angsty love song or something without a striptease was somewhat of a challenge. Africa ended up being the perfect choice because it represents the young man that Hyuk grew into whilst still holding on to his childish playful side.
Thanks for checking out my card! Let me know your thoughts about the song lineup!