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Welcome, 'Parks & Rec' fans of the Funny Community, to Day 4 of out '12 Days of Parks & Rec' event!

One of the things that promised to you all when I announced this event is that I would be sharing a tutorial on how to make your very own Marshmallow Ron Swansons to give away as gifts (or just consume all by your lonesome). And well, here it is! I hope you enjoy this real-life imagining of April's special Christmas gift to Ron in the episode, 'Citizen Knope'! @ClaireRedfield @shantalcamara @ButterflyBlu @AimeeH @MattK95 @Danse @RaquelArredondo @BluBear07 @ZoilaObregon @GinnaL13 @KellyOConnor @cecilymvega

Marshmallow Ron Swansons

(Adapted From Bakin' Bit)
3 jumbo marshmallows (Jet-Puffed Jumbo Marshmallows work fine. Also, feel free to use your own marshmallow recipe if you want to make this whole thing more 'gourmet'.)
Tootsie Rolls (approx. 1 - 2 large ones or 4 - 6 small)
3 or 4 ropes of black licorice
2 Junior Mints
2 chocolate chips (You could swap these out for mini M&Ms to add a pop of color.)
White candy melts
1 Oreo cookie (optional)
Small skewers
First, you need to prepare all of your candy pieces. Using your Tootsie rolls, create the mustache and hair shape, then trim down the licorice to create properly proportioned arms and legs.
Melt down the white chocolate to create a 'glue' that will help you fit the pieces together. Choose which marshmallow will be the head and attach the chocolate chip eyes, the Tootsie Roll mustache, and Tootsie Roll hair. (I'd probably use a toothpick or extra skewer for a mess-free application.) Place the finished head aside to dry.
If you'd like your Marshmallow Ron to be able to sit upright, I'd recommend using the white chocolate 'glue' to affix the bottom marshmallow to an Oreo cookie. Once it's done drying, cut two small slit into the marshmallow where his legs will go. Add a small amount of the white chocolate 'glue' and then insert each leg carefully. Allow it to dry.
Attach the middle marshmallow to the bottom one by piercing them carefully together using skewers. Next, cut slits for the arms in the middle marshmallow, much more toward the back than the legs to accommodate the iconic Ron arm cross. Apply some of the 'glue' into the slits then insert the licorice arms. After it's completely dry, very carefully cross the arms.
Finally, attach the Junior Mint shoes with the remaining melted white chocolate, and voila! You've got one epic-looking Marshmallow Ron.

It's a pretty simple DIY project, but if you have any questions or run across any problems, feel free to throw a message my way, and I'll be sure to help!

@ButterflyBlu SAME. I look forward to any and all opportunities to play with my food.
I WILL be making these!
@danidee YES!! God, I really do think we were separated at birth...
wow. ooh this could be the day when I consume black licorice. yay now I'll know what everyone is talking about 馃帀馃帀
I am so making these. XD
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