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~Juna~ I could smell the solid metal, and the slight scent of donut, before Keita announced that he too had a gun. Ahh so we're all just a gun happy family aren't we? I turned my head to the smell of sweat-drenched lillies that had to be Lai, my supposed confidante. The confidante that tells me pretty much nothing, I've realized. I took the time Kimi was apparently struggling with the taser to talk to her. "So... planning to tell me about that gun anytime soon?" I asked. "Yeah. I told you today." she replied, completely oblivious to the hinted ferocity in my voice. "That's something you don't usually tell your best friend the day the world basically... I don't know goes dark? Anything else you've haven't told me?" "Yeah," she chuckled, "you have shorts! Anytime I give you a dress to wear... I pack in a pair of short in your bags today, isn't that great?!" Does she think that I'm joking? I smiled and ignored the question and turned to the ruckus that Keita and Kimi were making. I bet they hid nothing like guns from each other. But I've known Lai for all my life, she's my only friend... no one is like her. I know the gun must've just slipped her mind. "Oh crap! I almost forgot!" Keita yelled. "What?" we all said simultaneously. "Since we're gonna make that long-ass trip you guy's house Juna and Lai, we're gonna split this work up. Kimi and Lai do you think that you could go to your house and get supplies. Food, flashlight, batteries, and water. Please don't forget water. Whatever you do—" "We got it." Kimi nodded. Lai rubbed the top of my head, "Alrighty then, stay Juna-licious." I let out an involuntary laugh. I couldn't help it, it was Lai. "I hate that word a little more everyday." "Course you do." she said. And they were out. "Hey Keita, do you have a restroom you can guide me to? I need to change out this crap." " You can change yourself? Do you need to me to carry you or..." "No thanks Mr. Gentleman, just walk in front of me, I'll hear you." I could literally hear his smile at the sound of Mr. Gentleman. I tugged at the body-con dress, mostly a distraction to keep from blushing. I don't think Lai said anything about the shorts having a shirt to go with it... It was fine. Anything is better than not being able to wear pants. He laughed a little as he walked in front of me. I could here a faints sound of mewling. What is that? "What?" "Nothing it's just that... are all blind people this independent?" I couldn't help but smile as I placed my hand on the door, "Only the Juna Leonie's." I said as I entered the bathroom. I immediately dropped my walking stick to the ground and slid down the back of the door. My heart was racing at the little encounter. I cannot be so freaking nervous around this guy! I don't even like him. Lai, your only best friend likes him... I have to stop being this way. I felt for the bag slung across my body and felt for a zipper. Cool metal grazed the tips of my fingers, followed my a breathy, cotton-polyester blend of fabric. Bingo. I ripped the bag open and looked for a tag at the back of the shorts. I slipped the front through my legs and stuffed the rest of the dress in the pants. I grabbed the stick before stabilizing myself up again. "You don't like Keita, alright? Just... make a new friend. Yeah you don't have a lot of those Juna." I muttered to myself. I took a deep breath and opened the door again. "You look nice. You really can dress yourself." Just a friend, Juna. "Yeah I know, teenagers dressing themselves these days. It's so unrealistic." I replied. He let out a hopeless guffaw, "Nice one." I used my walking stick and found a chair to sit on. A little to close to him but nevertheless comfy. I heard the mewling again. Seriously what is that?! "So which is one my weapon?" I asked, with as much apathy as I could fit into one sentence. "Your weapon?" he asked, "Do all the Juna Leonie's like waving weapons around blindly?" He paused for a moment, "I am so sorry if—" I laughed, "It's fine. I find blind jokes hilarious. But I can use a weapon. I'm not useless. Here, punch me." "Punch you? Juna, you're cr—" "Punch me!" I insisted. I immediately solidified my tongue, ready to click. "You sure?" he asked hesitantly I nodded my head once. click. click. click. He raised his hand steadily, aiming for my face. click. click. click. He brought his fist down and I immediately brought up my hands, stopping to the (very hard) impact of his knuckles. "Whoa! I said punch me, not maul my face!" I yelled "Hey, you get what you ask for... but that was pretty impressive Juna." "I know, the blind race isn't as useless as it seems." That's when my hair pulled me to the ground. "What the h—" "Star! What are..." Oh. The cat. I almost forgot about her. "Here I got you, Juna. Or do blind people help themselves up too?" His taunts made chuckle as I grasped his hand to get up again. "I personally like cats. And I've never seen one as sassy as Star." He laughed, " Yep, if I had to choose a word to describe her....that would be it." .................................... Kimi and Lai came into to me and Keita packed sufficiently with food and my new knife weapon and us practically laughing our asses off. "You had fun I guess?" Lai said as she sat down next to me. "It was eh, your husband could be better." I chuckled. "Juna!" she whispered, and she dug her knuckles into my skin. I felt smug. And this time it wasn't because of Lai. -Kieta- “Husband?” I questioned as Lai and Kimi came in. “what doe-” “Hey Kieta…. Look what I got.” Kimi said pushing me a bit back so she can dangle the keys in my face. “Woah sweet! How did you get those?” “I stole them.” I drooped my head. “Of course you did.” “Hey now… was my da-” “Your dad! How is he? Is he ok?” “ No he-” “shit.” I didn’t need to listen to her explanation. I knew that if something happened to him that it would suddenly begin spreading more. I got up quickly moving her out of my way and headed to the phone hanging on the wall. Dialing my mothers number I listened to the tone as I tried to contain the heart that was beating out of my chest. “Hello.” It took my a moment to answer as I could feel myself flush with relief that she picked up. “ Mom!” “Keita? shouldn’t you be taking your final? What happened? Did you get into a fight again?” “No…Mom, listen to me. You need to get home right now!” “Keita I can’t just leave…Plus they really need my help today. A lot of the other workers are becoming sick so I keep getting asked to take extra-” “Mom! Come Home! Now! There are zom-” “Excuse me for a second…Yes? What are you doing? Are you alright?” she’s ignoring me! “Mom! Get away from them!” “Hang on Keita.” I heard a faint thud and then panting through the other line. Hes been bitten. Is he turning? Is he just someone who saw it and got scared? “Mom!” It was too late I heard her scream and then the sound of teeth munching on flesh the gurgling sound of blood swishing in between their jaws. I gripped the phone in my head and felt my body tense up again. She’s gone….all because she wouldn’t just shut up and listen to me! I slammed the phone down on the receiver so hard that I broke it. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry about how unfair all of this was. God dammit….dammit….fucking damnit!!!!! “Keita….” Kimi called just an inch away from me and I sighed pushing out all of my frustration. “We have to hurry…” I let out as calmly as I could. “It’s getting worse…more and more places are getting over taken. The news will be spreading soon, and more people will be panicking trying to get supplies and shelter. We need to get to Lai and Juna’s house, get her gun, more supplies, and where we can stay after that. “Couldn’t we just stay at Lai’s house?” Kimi asked “No, it’ll get taken over. Its not strong enough to keep zombies out.” “Than what is?” I rolled my eyes. “ A metal House…I don’t know. We’ll have to think about it. I just know we can’t stay there.” “Yes sir…” she said rolling her eyes at me, and I did the same back. “That’s Captin to you.” I shot back and she gasped. “Oh so sorry Mr. King let me role out the red carpet for you.” “What is that suppose to mean?” “It MEANS that you’ve been acting like you’re in charge of all of us ever since this mess happened. You don’t even ask for our opinion. A real leader thinks about what’s best for the people he’s trying to protect!” “What the hell do you think I’m doing here?! Playing some sort of survival game? Do you think I’m not scared? Do you think I have experience in this? I can fucking die Kimi, and whats worst! I can be responsible if you die, because of the choices I choose to make! Do you think I want to see another person in my life die?” “Then why are you fighting alone?” she said softly and I felt my heart tighten. “Wha-” “You heard me! Keita Kazuka….there are 3 other people here…plus a cat willing to fight by your side. The least you can do is treat us like we’re your team, and not your subordinates!” Another stab in the heart. Have I been ignoring them? Have I really been that bad? My heart tighten even harder making it almost hard to breath through the feeling of guilt rushing over me. “I-Im sorry, What do you guys want to do?” -Juna- After Kimi's whole speech of Keita being 'one with the team' I have to admit, he was even more likable than usual. And that was a fact I hated to admit. "So who's gonna drive? I can start packing stuff in the backseat, I don't want to risk anything getting trapped in the trunk." Keita announced. "Can I nominate myself to drive?" I blurted. "Be serious, Juna. This isn't time to play." I almost cringed from how unnaturally frank she was. I could almost hear venom dripping from Kimi's voice as she rebuked me, "And I'll drive Keita, I remembered the last time you drove me around..." They both laughed as I heard the shifting of tools in a crate from Keita grabbing the supplies. Was she trying to make me jealous...? Before I could feel any contempt for Kimi, someone bumped into my shoulder. "I would've nominated you to drive too." he whispered as he walked away. My face tingled with warmth, a feeling I know I've never felt before. I steadily released my breath, not knowing I was holding it in when he bumped into me. I tugged again at the body-con dress, trying not to feel any emotions towards him, but yet again my train of thought was yanked away by Lai. "I saw that Juna," she said as she pulled me away into isolation, "did Keita say something to you? Was it about me? What happened?!" She excitedly told me. "Oh he just told me to tell you that he's happy you and Kimi are getting along." I quickly lied. No need for her to speculate that I have the slightest feeling for Kieta. Becuase I didn't. And even if I did, the fact would crush her. I would never do that to Lai. "Oh... that's nice! Maybe that means something!" she elatedly whispered. "I hope so... I want the wedding happening when I'm still young. But come on, let's go help out with supplies." *** The road was...empty. All I could hear were the ominous rolling of tires over uneven ground; no one talked, no one shuffled, no noise anywhere. It was like radio static, the calm before the storm. I didn't like it. I pressed myself closer to the car door in the hope that I could get remove myself from one of the supplies that was digigng into my side. That's when Keita broke the silence. "Hey Kimi, do you see that—" That's when the car swerved onto it's side pushing my face into glass As I reoriented myself, car proceeded to my jerky movements against the road. Did something break...? "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" Kimi started to slightly mutter under her breath. The car seat moved with uneasy movements, and Lai began to join in the havoc. "Oh my gosh, I can't even..." she started. No one spoke. They were all staying with the sticking with the silence that was more uneasy than before. I couldn't take it. "Wait guys, there's a blind girl here, what's happe—" "I'm going to hell, straight to hell." Keita said. "I think I'm going to throw up..." "Don't do it Lai!" We all screamed simultaneously. "I finally reached over the cargo, in hopes of touching her, "Lai. What. Is. Going. On? Is the car on fire and you don't want to tell me!" I felt her tense shoulders relax underneath my palm, "It's... fine," she said, "the road is jus—" "I'm driving over zombies. I mean, I hope their zombies! Keita-" "Kimi just drive!" Authors note: are you shipping? LaixKeita JunaxKeita KimixKeita I know you are you can't hide it XD
@KiraHitomi cool can't wait for more of this I'm loving it!
Star definitely is in the war of having Keita all to themselves XD
@KiraHitomi I just so what seems funny at the moment I'm funny even when I don't try lol
Keita: don't worry Kimi your time will come
@KiraHitomi aww no I can tell even blind girls have feelings she can feel my sexy aura
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