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Yay!!! Fairy Tail is one of my favorite animes. At first all I expected was pure silliness, which there is still plenty of, however, there is so much more to this show. Over the time that I've watched (and semi read the manga) I have grown to appreciate how everyone in the guild has their own story, their own past that in some way has brought them to Magnolia's Fairy Tail and since then made them into the ever growing family that truly cares for one another and honestly I think that is what really kept me interested. I grew up with an extremely dysfunctional family, I won't really go into too much detail but it was a totally different concept that there was a place no matter how fictional that a large number of people could come together despite all their unique traits and personalities and still show infinite love and compassion for each and even for other people who have wronged them, it really was a learning experience that I will always hold dear, including all the feelings that went with it. I'd like to think that me and all the other fans of this show are part of this big bundle of chaos. When they laugh, we laugh, they cry, we cry, we are one. So hey, let's all get fired up for our favorite guild, second (or maybe first in some cases) FAIRY TAIL!! p.s. sorry for all the rambling, just felt the need to get that of my chest.
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