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It's a sad day for fans of rock and alternative music. It's been reported that Scott Weiland has passed away at 48 years old. Scott's wife, Jamie, has confirmed this news and is asking for privacy. Weiland first gained superstar status in the 90s as the amazing, range destroying lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots. He also fronted Velvet Revolver and was currently on tour with his band, The Wildabouts. He passed away "in his sleep" on his tourbus in Bloomington, Minnesota. While he does have a history of drug abuse, there is no confirmed cause of death at this time.
I for one, am a Huge fan of Everything that Scott Weiland has done. His voice was amazing. One moment, he'd purr out a low note. The next, he'd electrify every nerve by hitting a high note like you'd never expect. I am greatly saddened by his death. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and children and family, as well as his vast fan base.
This is my favorite STP song, Interstate Love Song. (Honestly, I love them all!)
I've seen Weiland in concert several times - twice with STP, once with Velvet Revolver. Each time, he put on a hell of a show. He will be missed. Are you a fan? What's your favorite song? Please share your thoughts and favorites in the comments.

Let's remember him fondly and keep the music alive forever. 馃挏

I'm a bassist and guitarist... "Interstate Love Song" is my favorite bass warm-up song. 512 notes in 3:15... it's just an amazing song for bass & guitar (I know the guitar parts as well). Scott Weiland was a poet, an artist, and an amazing vocalist. Sadly it is all too true that often the best art is created by tortured souls who never can quite find solid footing in this life. I hope he is at peace and his contributions to music and his powerful voice will be sorely missed.
I saw this too! I must admit I didn't know who he was but after listening to the songs, I recognize it. So sad to see someone so talented go.
馃槩 馃槶
@TessStevens I know. 馃槶 I hate it. I hate getting older and watching my favorites pass on. It f-ing sucks.
This is heartbreaking! No no!!! No cause yet? :( I loved stone temple pilots. Rip. :( aw man.
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