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Dark circles over your skin can be the worst to have in life. These can have different names like dark rings or shadows can be the biggest foe to women facing the same. There are many reasons behind having the dark circles including aging, dry skin, prolonged crying and heredity that can do the damage to both men and women. However, these are not often the skin problem, but they tend to make you feel exhausted, tired and unhealthy.... READ MORE:
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Actually Drinking a remon juice is more better to remove it
2 years ago·Reply
@YOOWA yup Lemon Juice is also a good source to remove dark circle
2 years ago·Reply
these dark circles are typically caused by allergies. Doctors refer to them as allergy shiners.
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Not exactly @JackieMurrayCab Dark areas under the eyes are often thought of as being caused by lack of sleep also and Poor Diet.
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