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JYJ fans, where you at?!

South Korea's National Assembly passed a new amendment (informally called the "JYJ Law"), which officially prohibits broadcasting companies from blocking specific celebrities' television appearances without clear, justifiable reasons.
Ever since the three former TVXQ members (Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun) left SM Entertainment in 2009 they haven't promoted their music with television performances or variety shows.


Members of the entertainment community have openly stated that SM Entertainment pressured broadcasters into blacklisting the trio by threatening to withhold performances from their own popular groups. (source)

One more step towards taking SM DOWN!

They control so many things in the entertainment industry that if you piss them off, you're screwed. This takes away at least a tiny bit of their power.

K, now when is TVXQ getting back together?

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I think blacklisting them on SM entertainments part has to do with the fact that JYJ would of swiped trophies left and right from them. Plus they even did so well without them with Junsu charting on music shows and their album sales have always been good. Honestly SM needs to do a lot of changing especially after the whole Jessica thing and then Kris/Luhan/Tao thing. Then obviously trying to cover stuff with the random Baekhyun plus Taeyeon dating rumor. I CANT WAIT TO SEE MY BABY SHOW THESE YOUNG KIDS HOW TO PROPERLY DANCE!
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Finally! So happy for them and the fact that companies won't be able to do this to artists anymore! 馃槃
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I'm so happy it passed! Also... Junsu.... *drools, blue skidoos onto the picture, steals Junsu, runs away forever, and lives happily ever after.*
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If only SM understands this too then maybe artists would stop leaving! *sigh*
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omgggg this is sooo AWESOME my boys must be so happy I can't wait for Micky oppa nd jaejong oppa to comeback I want more jyj I am sooo glad it all worked out my boys really wanted this omg I am sooooo happy I love jyj
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