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I absolutley loved this anime! Alot of things were so original unlike other animes! (finally x3) The animation I enjoyed, but it took a couole episodes to get used to, since I'm so used to more traditional animation styles(FT, OHHC, Yuki Yuna Is a Hero, etc) The soundtrack was also amazing (could be better ((not alot))). Some of the songs were so fitting for the scenes, but I think they should have more sad music, because all the deaths and what-not. The characters, don't get me started, I loved them all! Even the characyers we didn't even know I almost cried for the first time I watched this! (That never happens, this anime has feels) The creators made you FEEL for who died, espeically some of the more known characters! Oh, I love the main three characters (Eren, Armin, Mikasa) but my favorite non-main character would probally be..... Sasha. She' so funny! (I also love Levi too, chill yo butt-cheeks X3) I would reccomend this anime to anyone who likes dem feels, action, umm... drama I guess.. yeah drama, and those who love to ship couples that never become a thing (Eren x Mikasa 4eva X3) Tell me guys in the comments what you thought about this anime! I think it should become as long as... One Piece! (700+ episodes, that'd be awesome, right?)
Love the gore
@Hatrosca I totally agree
I loved everything about it especially the first opening