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So the only videos I've seen of them are Error and Leo and Ravi's Beautiful Liar. Leo and N are babes tbh. But I really want to learn more about them because you can only learn so much from watching old videos. Like I'm pretty sure I've spent a month just watching videos of Bangtan and GOT7 and barely have a handle on their personalities. If someone wants to help me out and explain what makes VIXX who they are I'd greatly appreciate it.
Also I love how robotic N looks at points in Error. There's a band called Steam Powered Giraffe here in America and they're a steampunk band that their entire premise is that they're robots so they paint their faces and act like robots. I feel like N could fit right on in with them...except without the paint because he shouldn't cover up that face. And Leo was just looking fine as hell.
SPG is pretty cool though. If you're into steampunk you should check them out.
I know way too much about vixx xD their concepts and personalities to me is what makes vixx. They each bring a different aspect to vixx whether it will the charisma, aegyo, cool personality, kindness, silliness. you can see the personality of all these guys and how they are with each other. Vixx was created through a survival,show called Mydol. originally 7 members were training. and they brought in 3 new,members and members,were eliminated. they did performances,and the 6 were,chosen in the end. They debuted with Super Hero and they went from there.,they began becoming a,conceptual,group with the song on and on which has a fantasy feel. then Hyde. and error and then chained up. They care so much about their fans and their music. and they are just so talented. If you want to talk about vixx or any group I love them. they are my,favorite group. and they are the only one that makes me,fangirl in this way
Oh wow thanks.