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so i am so happy. he is one of my favorite players of all time. He is down to earth if you ever have the pleasure of meeting him in real life. Which I have like 5 times. This is exciting news for an Cavs Fans. He's my second fav on the team but a close second. My personal favorite on the team is Verajo..... not Lebron... I don't like lebron but that will have to be another card. How do you guys feel. @mchlyang please free to tag some people
Ahh just saw this! And yes if all the core members on the Cavs can stay healthy, then they have the best shot at winning the whole thing!
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And I love Irving too!
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It's gonna be a crossover competition between Curry & Kyrie for the rest of the season! Two mass murderers of ankles on the loose!
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