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Tinder has its pros, but it also has its cons.

As much as I try to advocate the positivity of the dating app so many love to hate, like anything else it can be rather faulty. A lot of people would say, it's not the apps fault. I get it, but it can go both ways. So, as we all know Tinder is meant to get you right swipes that hopefully lead to interaction that hopefully wins you a date. A young man in Fresno, California got through to the dating part [well, in this case we wouldn't call it a date]. The deal was to meet a woman he had been chatting with via the app at 3 a.m. Trust me, you're not the only one wondering why that time of all times.
When he went to meet his match, it appeared to be another woman who had two guys along her side. "According to the Fresno Police Department, one person stole $200 from the man and also took his cell phone, wallet, car keys, and everything he had in his car." The police are still on the hunt for suspects, let's just hope they find them. The moral of the story is, don't meet anyone on Tinder for the first time dark unless you are in a public space. Online dating or finding the one is never worth risking your life.

Do you think this could've been prevented if they would've met at a different time?

Yikes! I shudder to think at the unsafe conditions of some of my Tinder dates -___- I mean, WHAT was I thinking? I was lucky in that they all turned out to be okay guys, but this guy was not so lucky. It sounds like at least he wasn't harmed - that's the silver lining. I guess he's learned his lesson about booty calling Tinder dates!!
(Also, gotta hand it to the thieves – that's pretty damn clever. I'm surprised we haven't heard of someone doing this before.)
I totally agree!! This could've went extremely wrong, but like you said luckily he wasn't harmed physically. I think it's best that if you aren't meeting someone in the day time at least go to a crowded area @AlloBaber
Tinder sounds like a great idea and all but let's face it. You''re still talking to complete strangers on a platform in the internet and expecting everyone to be safe. People, you're still in the internet, the only thing that changed is that You'rd in a platform that tries to find people on the internet that are relatively close to you. (from what I've heard. I don't use tinder.....yet.....maybe.)
I've used it on quite a few occasions. You just have to be aware of your surroundings, as always and go out in public. Internet dating is huge these days, you just have to make sure you're safe and aren't talking to a crazy @BurningSnoMan