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Not long ago, I was lucky enough to try my first Barolo - and a pretty excellent one at that. My friend brought this bottle over from Italy, where his father lives next to the vineyard. He was able to purchase this bottle there for a pretty small sum, but I did a little digging, and here it'll cost you around $40.


It's a robust red with notes of dark fruit, violets, truffles, and smoke, according o Natalie Maclean. I found it quite mellow and drinkable, while still possessing an excellent flavor and a touch of acidity (just the way I like it.)


This Barolo would be lovely paired with bold, rich dishes like roast veal, lamb or beef; aged meats and cheeses; or an herbed or truffled risotto. I really liked it alongside an aged mimolette. Overall, a definite recommendation! Barolos are often considered Italy's greatest wine, and I was glad to have this one be my introduction to the genre. A few fun facts, courtesy of Wikipedia: • Barolos are from the northern Italian region of Piedmont. • Produced from the Nebbiolo grape. • Barolos are known to be rich, full-bodied wines with quite noticeable tannins and acidity, often possessing notes of tar and roses. I wasn't sure if there are any other wine lovers out there on Vingle, but I figured it was worth a shot! :)
champagne mowett or pink, sparkling red wine..maybe one day we can have a glass.. 🍷🍷🍻🍸🍹here's to you.
Mmmm @mommaG champagne!! Me too!! Also sparkling wine. But red wine is my favorite :) what's your favorite kind of wine/champagne??
I Love 🍷 and champangne
Ahhh yes, a glass of sparkling rosé!! That would be so lovely 😄🍷🍷 Here's to you my friend!! @mommaG