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While I was in Korea Town yesterday, I stopped for some yummy takeout kimbap! I got spicy tuna... The lady also gave me some miso soup, which was really yummy.

Have you ever tried kimbap??

For those of you who don't know what it is, it's similar to sushi, but instead of raw fish, there's cooked meat, egg, kimchi, or tuna salad inside, along with some Korean vegetables like yellow radish, carrot, and sesame leaf. The whole shebang is wrapped up in rice and seaweed. 馃槑 I think kimbap (also sometimes written gimbap) is super yummy!! Any other fans out there? I wonder if it'd be easy to make at home...
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that looks so good! Now I'm hungry lol
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Was just in Seoul last week. They have gimbab and ramen shops everywhere. Really good combo with spicy kimchee n egg ramen.
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LOVE Kimbap. have even made it with my Korean roommate. but then I also love kimchee and rice with scrambled eggs for breakfast...
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ive heard of it but never tried it but I need to go to the korean ship to get stuff. still planning when to go
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i tried making it at home, it turned out really good! everyone liked it!
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