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The tour around the gallery was the best I wish I could visit
The birthday boy was grateful to the fans that went to the event and he was getting bullied by the members I laughed so much
They want the fans to name the dance I named it "I AM LATE TO SCHOOL" What will u name the dance? comment tagging some armies @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @ArmyofKookie @B1A4BTS5ever @CreeTheOtaku @StephanieDuong @sugasweetness @AimeeH @MarinaKarina @ARMYStarlight @StephanieDuong @sugaontop @yileiny21a @PassTheSuga @KpopGaby
Randomly appear because i was just about to watch this 馃槀i think I'll call it The Back Pack Duel or The Simmer Down
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@Nikkitty good ones
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Sleep Deprivation cause they never let me get any
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ohh...maybe like aigoo sexy backs or wings heh ^~^
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@StephanyAcevedo thank you 馃槀
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