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This is my story for @DeneasiaGardner challenge. Its a bit long so I decided to split it into two parts but it may make 3 lol.
You could feel their gazes following you, watching your every step as you walked inside the classroom. It was your first day in high school in Korea. You've just moved from the US and transferred to Seoul High. You really didn't see the point since you only had one more year in school, but circumstances called for this. Circumstances like your father getting a job opportunity from one of the most wealthiest entrepreneurs in Korea. You try to ignore the countless whispers around you as you wait silently for the teacher to introduce you. "Silence!!!" the teacher bellows, "As you can see we have a new student in our class." You kepp your eyes to the ground not wanting to see the nasty looks you already know were there. "Please raise your gaze from the floor and introduce yourself." the teacher instructed. I don't want to be here. I shouldn't be here. Why can't I just disappear now.... You're snapped out of your thoughts when you hear a slap. You flinch at the sudden noise and the crowd of students erupt in laughter. Your cheeks redden as you noticed the source of the sound. The teacher had just slammed her ruler down on her desk. I guess that means I took too long.. You smile at your thought which wasn't the smartest thing to do at the time. "Is there something amusing to you Y/N? Maybe you should just take a seat for now." She gestured toward the seat right in front of her desk. You sigh as the class snickers again. "I'm not sure if they let you act this way in the West but here we take our education very seriously. Keep that in mind." Getting through class was no easy task. Every two seconds a paper ball would get thrown at your head. You ignored it to the best of your ability but you could tell your patience was running thin. You had enough when you a pencil flew by your head barely missing you. You make the mistake of turning around just when another girl threw another paper ball. It collided and bounced off your face. The giggles started again and you notice it came from these three girls who looked like the classic "bitches" of the school. Tears start streaming down your face and you try to swat them away. That's the last thing these girls needed to be seeing. But you couldn't contain them. You run out the classroom before anyone has a chance to notice you. The teacher calls you from the classroom but you keep running. You make it to the bathroom and lock yourself inside a stall. You curse yourself for being so weak as you feel more tears coming.
You make it to the cafeteria without seeing those girls and proceed to get lunch. You thank the lady as you take your food. When you turn around you're met with the same three girls from class. The leader gives you a vicious smile. "So this is where you ran off too. I guess it makes sense for a pig to run off to food." The other girls laugh. You try to walk past them but as you're walking by one of the girl's foot stretches out. In the next second you're on the floor with food all over the front of you. "Oh you've seem to tripped poor thing. You look so miserable. Here let me help." With that she takes her glass and pours it over your covering you and drops the glass on your head. You look at the girl with anger and hurt. She gives the same viper smile. "There you go. I actually think you looked prettier now so I guess you're welcome." She signals to the other girls. "Finish it off." You close your eyes as you see the girls step forward to dump their glasses on you. "Yah...why don't you leave the pathetic girl alone." You open your eyes only to see the three girls mouth open in shock. You follow their gaze and see the most beautiful man you've ever seen. His features were perfect right down to his lips. You looked at him with amazement. "Don't you know not to pick on the weak? I'm kinda sad you've managed to stoop this low Rachel." The girl's leader jumped at the mention of her name. "Jiyong you don't understand. This girl-" "I don't care about any of that. Just leave us alone for now. Go annoy someone else other than me." Jiyong commanded. Rachel face dropped into a pout and looked at you with fury in her eyes before walking off. Jiyong looked down at you with a serious stare. He shakes his head. "Come with me." he instructs. With that he turns and walk out of the cafeteria. You get up and realize the cafeteria has went silent. What's the big deal? Is this guy like a god in this school? You walk off to follow Jiyong. You spot him by the bathroom door. He hands you a brand new school uniform. You look at it then at him in cautiously. "What? Do you not want it? You can just stay looking like a mess for all I care." he offered. You snatch the clothes and go in the bathroom to change. When you come out your astonished to see him still there with his body leaning against the wall. He looks you over and takes a step toward you. You hold your breath as he raises his hands and smooths your hair over. He looks you in the eye and smiles. "Hmm... that's much better. Now follow me." He starts walking off again. You follow him hesitantly. "Why are you helping me?" you asked genuinely curious. He didn't answer and kept walking. You stare at him but say nothing further. You notice you're headed for the exit. "Wait where are we going? Don't tell me we're skipping school." His silence says it all. You stop in your tracks. He notices and gazes at you with a look that almost made you collapse right then. "Do you really want to stay here? Stay with me and you'll never regret it." he declared. You are speechless at his words. Is he some sort of playboy or something? "How can I stay with you when you don't even my name." He smirks, "You're right about that. I guess that's what happens when a guy sees a girl that's as beautiful as you. Forgive me then." Jiyong kneels down in front of you. "Please tell me your name so I can scream it to the whole world so they can know who she belongs to." He stares up at you. You can't believe what's happening right now. After all that happened today.... After all the pain, one guy notices you and helps you.... And now he basically just confessed to you... He waits silently for your answer. That was the first day you skipped school. **********************************************
I was honestly trying to get away from fanfics cuz they be fucking with my feels but then I found your page 馃槓 "Whispers" *I regret nothing T^T*
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omg!!!!!! at first readin tis I was like I feel so bad fo her thn jiyong comes along n BAM omg she lucky~! haha wow she had a guy on her first day damn I would have never looked at him even if he was good lookin bc I don't know him haha k would have j ran away or skipped skool n tell my parents n thn maybe transfer skools but thn wouldn't meet jiyong so idk wahhhh~ decisions decisions haha
found it! actually read 2 first and was so fantastic I send message but just came across pt1 and now looking forward to part3!
.................this......this here my friend was amazing!!!!!
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