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One of the perks of holiday shopping are the sales.

Whether you're shopping online or in stores, if you don't find anything else -- you're bound to find a good sale. When it comes to sales, we're usually tempted to buy because the price is deducted. Sometimes it's best to follow a few necessary steps before proceeding with the swiping of our card.
Just because something is 70% off doesn't necessarily meant that it will come in handy, although it might. Before you take full of advantage of all the wonderful sales and start buying off impulse, keep these do and don'ts in mind when it comes to dealing with sales. Trust me, the temptation is real, but you will benefit from it.
If it can't fit, but you blame it on bloating -- keep it moving. It's not even worth it.
Planning ahead gives you time to execute why you're going shopping, what you need and what you want.
If you know it's on sale, but you know you have to pay your rent and car note -- try your hardest not get attached. There is something better and cheaper out there waiting for you.
You can never have enough. Simple.
If you like them, but can't really see yourself wearing them often -- don't settle.
There's no such thing as too much sale. Look up some promos, they come in handy.

Are you a bargain shopper?

Share some tips and tricks below.
I also ask myself if I'd be willing to give up a piece I all ready have in my closet if the answer is no then you don't really want it. Don't shop on Tuesday's that is usually the day sales are at their highest. Do shop on Friday's that's when new clearance has been marked or remarked even lower.
Wow! Amazing tips I definitely didn't know. I'm going to keep them all in mind @purplem00n23 @petname83
Read or ask the details of the sale/promotion. There are always exclusions, and multiple discounts can't always be used on one purchase.