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So my mommy is always bothering me about playing kpop but recently she found BTS and Jay Park on Spotify and she really likes it. Just to show kpop really expands no matter the age.
@SkyRollins hahaha I can understand that, and thanks I think she is awesome too ^^
@mattk95 your mom is awesome, but it sometimes annoying because she kept texting me songs she found
My Mom is a huuuuge k-pop fan, she even owns a few Kpop albums herself XD she's also into video games lol anyway, it's so cool your Mom is getting into K-Pop :D
thats great! my mom just hates kpop and she calls the guys girls and i get so mad 😂
my mom hates kpop idk y but I luv kpop wth all my heart it's amazin haha my mom is always like it's stupied n it's goona take u no where in life
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