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Chapter 1 "Miyumi chan, would you like some lunch?" I nodded as I was reading a book on the couch. We couldn't afford cable. So I read books a lot. Niko, my babysitter, usually brings one for me to read. I finished reading the paragraph I was on before placing my finger at the stopping point so I could quickly answer." Yes please." And I thought I could start reading again, but he had a follow up question. " What would you like." I took a little longer answering this time now that I had to finish reading and think about what I wanted. Before I knew it I had stop paying attention to my book and was thinking about food. "Chicken nuggets." I said remembering mom had bought a bag of them the other day. "Coming right up!" He called cheerfully and I smiled turning back to my book. After a chapter or two later he had finished cooking. "Soups on!" He called. I didn't understand why he was always so happy, but then again. He didn't have to deal with my father either. I used to think all father's where like him. Until I started kindergarten and met Ryou and Kyou. I've met there father before when my mother let me go to their house for their birthday party. He was always sweet to them, and even hugged them. With my whole 10 years of being on earth my dad has never done such a thing. I am 10 now, and he still hasn't. "Miyumi chan?" He called again slightly knocking on my head. " Earth to Miyumi..." He chirped and I finished the page turning it and placing my book park in it. "Coming." I said placing my book down and pushing myself off the couch. That's when my father strolled through the door. He was drunk. His stench hitting my nose from the kitchen not even having to walk over to see if it was him or not. "Who are you?" My dad snarled and stormed in making Niko step back holding his hands up defensively. "I'm just the-" my dad sluggishly punched him nocking him over. " Niko!" My mom said coming in a few minutes later, and rushing over to him." I'm so sorry! Are you ok?!" She said helping him up and Niko held his face. "It's fine. I'm ok." He sounded doubtful. "Miyumi. Room." My mother said pointing to the stairs. I just grabbed the plate and the book I was reading and went upstairs. As soon as I left the shouting continued. The blood curdling screams of hate rattled through my ears. I looked down at the plate of nuggets. I didn't want them anymore. I laid them on my dresser and crawled under my sheets with the book I was reading. I couldn't read with ever other word being " Fuck you." And " shut the fuck up." I closed the book sighing, and left the sanctity that was my bed. I got the CD player out of my book bag. Ryou had lent it to me, but Kyou had given me the CD. I turned it on plugging in the head phones. The noise seemed to die down into complete murmurs as the song." River flows in you." Played. There were no words. Yet it said everything I felt. It was like a giant hug that told me that it would all be alright. The music....lied. The screams from downstairs became louder and more wild, as I heard the faint sound of the glass breaking, a stumble and a door slamming shut. " I don't want to be here." I whispered. As my father's voice began to break through the soothing pianos music. "Open this door bitch! Who is he you fucking slut!" I felt water leak from my eyes. I felt it. The river really is flowing. I heard my mother scream again, as if she was being stabbed yelling. " I'd never let you kill me!" And my father banging on the door even harder. "I don't want to be here." I said again. I thought of leaving while my father was distracted. If I waited to long.....there'd be no chance. I looked out the widow. It was pretty high. Going downstairs will only get me out in the crossfire. I started packing a bag with a change of clothes, the book I was currently reading, the CD player the twins have given me, and I closed it slipping on my favorite hoodie. I could hear my father shaking at the handle furiously trying to open it while the sound of him pounding it with his foot could be heard In-between turns. I walked over to the window again. There was only two floors to my house, but seemed like I was going to jump all the way off the Empire State Building. I gulped starting to feel my nerves trickling in my skin making it feel like a shock wave running through my body. "I can't do it." I huffed to afraid. I heard the sound of a door breaking and my father screaming as the door shattered on the ground. With out thinking I walked through the window and started heading to the edge of the roof. I took a few breathes preparing myself..... and jumped Authors note: My name is ririchiyo14 on wattpad! I will be updating soon actually! So please let me know what you think! It might be a little dark for some people.
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@KiraHitomi if you've never seen it, look it up and just watch the one minute version
@Alletaire I surely will! Sounds interesting!
@KiraHitomi more like cringeworthy and funny
@Alletaire cringeworthy? Now I'm super interested!