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Well, Love Bugs, it’s official. I owe you all an update after last weekend, especially since you’ve given me so much support and advice and love along the way :) I’m really, really happy to be able to say, after the many doubts and questions and angsty cards… I’m officially in love. :)
I just said goodbye to a very handsome boy after the best weekend EVER. I kid you not – it was magical. When I told him truthfully that it was everything I’d hoped it would be and more, he smiled and told me to stop quoting bad movies.
But that’s what it felt like – every cheesy romantic comedy you’ve rolled your eyes at but secretly wanted so badly to be a character in.
I mean, seriously. Every moment was so… perfect. Romantic. Lovely. We kissed for the first time after exchanging letters for months. He told me I was beautiful, gorgeous, amazing. I gave him a haircut, which was oddly romantic. We cooked pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and snuggled and laughed and confirmed, finally, what we had known all along: we’re really, truly in love.
I already can feel that this is the real deal. I think I’ve known that from the beginning, though. I’m all in, and he is too – and there’s just this sense that we’ll be in each others’ lives for a long, long time.
If my suspicions are correct, then wow – I’m SO happy I got to Vingle the entire journey in realtime, so I could share the experience with you all!! It’ll be funny to look back at all my angsty cards and shake my head, smiling at how wrong I was to worry. Sometimes, it turns out, you just gotta trust your gut (and the sage wisdom of some of my absolute favorites, @InPlainSight, @ButterflyBlu, @Arellano1052, @alywoah, and @ChriSingularis. You guys have been my rocks).
So yes, Vingle’s Princess of Lurv (and ex-Princess of Doom! hehe :D @quietone) is really, truly, officially, FINALLY in love – with the best guy in the whole wide world. <3_<3 I can’t stop smiling today. Big smiles and big hugs for all my love bugs and Vingle buddies!!!! <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxoxo :DDDDDDDD !!!!!!!!
Aaahhhhh thanks so much everybody!! *blushes* ^^ @luna1171 @deefran @alywoah @InPlainSight @MelissaMae @AkashBhojraj @LessThanThree you guys are the best!! :D
@MelissaMae <3 I appreciate your concern. I know it's coming from the place in you that's been hurt before, and it's really sweet that you don't want me to go through the same thing. <3 Trust me, I have my eye out for potential flaws. Thankfully I haven't been able to find any big ones yet ^^
It sounds like you two had a really great time together. I am happy for you! Cheers to love!
So happy for you! :)
It's cute how in love you sound just by reading this...
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