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You tell him, Cinderella.

Normally I'm a huge fan of this couple, but this image reminded me of something that continues to bother me. I mean, does Prince Charming think he's being cute here? Telling a lady what she can and can't do? And physically restraining her by grabbing her arm? That ain't cute. And even more than that, it's threatening.
Guys, you can be a better person by refusing the physically intimidate the women in your life. And by letting them make their own choices. When a girl wants to leave a party, let her go. Even if she's been flirting with you all night, Prince Charming; it's HER decision! She doesn't owe you anything – not her presence, not her body, not her life.
So all you Cinderellas out there, keep doing whatever the f*** you want. ;)
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I have had this reaction lmao
2 years ago·Reply
xDDDDD I love this
2 years ago·Reply
Brb, throwing my praise hands up to the sky.
2 years ago·Reply
It's very fresh! until now ive never thought about mr.charming like your point.
2 years ago·Reply
You take yourselves far too seriously.
2 years ago·Reply