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You tell him, Cinderella.

Normally I'm a huge fan of this couple, but this image reminded me of something that continues to bother me. I mean, does Prince Charming think he's being cute here? Telling a lady what she can and can't do? And physically restraining her by grabbing her arm? That ain't cute. And even more than that, it's threatening.
Guys, you can be a better person by refusing the physically intimidate the women in your life. And by letting them make their own choices. When a girl wants to leave a party, let her go. Even if she's been flirting with you all night, Prince Charming; it's HER decision! She doesn't owe you anything – not her presence, not her body, not her life.
So all you Cinderellas out there, keep doing whatever the f*** you want. ;)
Ugh. Being grabbed like that is one of my very specific pet peeves. And honestly I'm not as polite as Cinderella when people do it
you just got burned
Yeah that's true @KiraHitomi. I definitely was exaggerating what was going on haha. Intentions are important, and as we all know, Prince Charming is a great guy and means no harm. :) Mostly I just loved this image because it made me laugh XD
I don't think he was necessarily trying to keep her. He just wanted to know where she was going, but no I get what you mean.
It's very fresh! until now ive never thought about mr.charming like your point.
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