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I'm surprise that no one has posted this so here is the link to Rapmon apologizing (hopefully it works)
Yeah, someone posted this but you know we just went with the flow and accepted his apology since many artists do this... We love namjooine more because she was honest! I love my bias! 馃挄
I was gonna post this yesterday but forgot this shows what a good person he is and how honest he was and I loved reading this
People influence others. Its not a big deal
I'm proud of him for owning it and apologizing but I think these people went a tad overboard. plagiarism can be kinda.. ambiguous.. some times. Like if you're taking lines from songs, books, movies, verified quotes you have to credit the source but tweets and fan mail? that could be really hard and I think is a little ridiculous to expect. People need to remember everything you post on social media you kinda lose control over cause the laws just really aren't up to par quite yet. Rapmon fighting!
If you look at it from a legal standpoint, it probably is plagarism. Because Rap Monster used someone elses written words without his permission. If he noted the quote, he should note the source, si he can request permissions if he decides to use it later. That being said, I don't believe his intent was to plagarize. He is just a young man who probably didn't even think that using a mere phrase someone tweeted would be considered plagarism.